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We are the faces and voice of our global movement. We're only selling things we fully believe in. We explore what our customers truly want and need. And then we'll make it happen. We know that mistakes have the power to turn us into something better than we were before. So we take each feedback as an opportunity to improve.
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"Today I am responsible for achieving our sales targets with enthusiastic customers. But my journey with Greator began as a student in 2012, when I was running two EMS studios and filled my writing pad with all the impressions and ideas that came up on the very first "Rednernacht". Since then, this company has been an important part of my life. Later, as a franchise manager, I learned that one of the personal success factors is how you face challenges and with which attitude you align your life. I have seen how these factors work together with the attitude of the people around you. They have an enormously positive or negative effect on your enjoyment of life and measurable results. As Head of Sales at Greator, I get to experience every day what it feels like when that comes together in a positive way. The result: self-fulfillment. And that's what my team and I do. We help people to make the right decisions to achieve their personal goals."

Daniel Diehr

Head of sales
"Having joined the company in 2016, when it was still an intimate team, my COO role has been ever changing. I hit the ground running focusing on Strategy, Finance, Product Management and Recruiting, just to name a few. Today my priorities are Customer Happiness, Events and Sales. Before Greator, I spent years climbing the old corporate ladder. I eventually decided to find fulfillment in an environment and with a product that I truly identify with. I wanted to build something that was not only fun but relevant. This is the opportunity I have at Greator, together with the most talented and hard-working people I have ever met. It's freaking awesome."

Manuel Noya

"As a Relationship Specialist I accompany our THEKEY participants on their journey to the Greator Stage. I enjoy the close exchange and communication with our premium customers while being their sparring partner. Before joining Greator I've studied Business Psychology and Marketresearch, travelled the world and worked for a young start-up. What I love about my current job? That I can live my passion - supporting people on their path of fulfilling their dream. And the unique, inspiring and fun atmosphere in the office of course!"

Anna Gutkina

customer relationship
"As the first employee of Greator I accompanied the projects at Greator since 2012 at the side of founder Dr. Stefan Frädrich. For 8 years now, I have been able to actively shape every step of Greator in various functions and experience the fascinating path from our start-up times to the internationally active company at first hand. As Head of Event, I have spent years building and developing our events - from the small stage with 450 visitors to the LANXESS arena with 15,000 visitors. I am also your contact for all inquiries and bookings of the founder Dr. Stefan Frädrich and CEO Alexander Müller. Recently I have been accompanying our premium customers in their cooperation with Greator and on their way to the Greator stage. Here I contribute my share to ensure that each of our partners can reach their full potential. The most motivating factor for me in my daily work is to create something great together. However, professionally I come from a completely different area: I studied Special Education and also worked for television for a long time - a passion with which I have built up my second mainstay. At Greator I am known for my harmonious nature and my beloved dog Mila."

Aki Rüpprich


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