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Whether you want to become a speaker or refuel the right thoughts - you've come to the right place!
You want to become a speaker?
Who is Gedankentanken?

Gedankentanken is now Greator

Greator, formerly known as GEDANKENtanken, is the most famous stage brand in Germany. With our strong expertise and over 400 speakers, we have been able to inspire our audiences with engaging stories and make them think. We show you how you too can move people with your story, to make a difference in the world together.

We know what makes top speakers.

Since 2012, we have been bringing well-known, international top speakers to our stage: from Tobias Beck, Laura Malina Seiler, Les Brown to Barack Obama. With our expertise in stage and speaking, we want to make you ready for the stage too.
Speaker Philipp Kauthe

Inspire with your keynote

Develop your keynote with our Gedankentanken experts and turn your message into an unforgettable story. Invest in your future and train to become a speaker.
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You are already a speaker?

For experienced speakers made for the Greator stage. You have the choice which stage it will be. The requirement: You prove yourself in front of our Gedankentanken jury.
Tobi Beck and Laura Malina Seiler

Profit from expert knowledge

  • "I had no idea what would happen after that night. Greator was definitely the stepping stone for me to get on the really big stages. It made a huge difference in my career."
    Tobias Beck
    International top speaker, bestselling author
  • "Why Greator? Because it brings personal development to many people in a very personable way."
    Laura Malina Seiler
    Visionary, Empowerment Coach, Author
  • "Already 6 years ago I was allowed to record my first video at Greator. I like the makers behind it. I've known Stefan Frädrich for a very long time and appreciate him a lot. And that's why I'm happy to be part of it."
    Patric Heizmann
    Fitness expert, coach, bestselling author

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Your platform for personal growth. Dive into the world of speaking. It's in you!
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You too want to inspire?

With the THEKEY training, we'll get you ready for the stage. And maybe we'll soon see you in front of our "G", in front of which Barack Obama has already stood.
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