The Mindshine App

Whether it's for better stress management, more confidence, better relationships, a healthy routine, or more motivation, we're here for you.

With the Mindshine app, the best experts for your personal development are always in your pocket!
Inspiration & Motivation
At your individual pace
With visible progress
Techniques such as cognitive reframing, meditation, and journaling.

The advantages of Mindshine

Mindshine includes more than 320 audio- and video-based exercises that translate complex, scientific methods into simple, fun steps. At the heart of it all is coaching, through which you'll be recommended exercises and courses based on your goals.

Scientifically sound methods

All of our content is developed by leading experts in the fields of psychology, coaching and mental health.

Customized to you and your goals

Find out what really makes you happy and we will bring you to your goal with personalized training.

Fits into any everyday life, no matter how hectic

Our effective training concept is easy to implement, it is fun and it is divided into small steps.
 14 days free trial!

How Mindshine can help you

We have exercises for every possible environment (whether it's a crowded bus or your meditation corner) and all levels of experience.

We will guide you step by step through each exercise, looking at different levels we work with: your thoughts, feelings and actions.

We guide you through the exercises and methods in small, simple steps. Together we establish positive thinking patterns, discover and release mental and emotional blocks and support you in building self-confidence and being happier overall.
 14 days free trial!

What Mindshine includes

Building self-confidence, improving relationships or coping better with stress - these are just a few of the possible topics we can support you with. Aligned with your personal goal and based on the best methods from psychology and neuroscience, we have put together simple, guided exercises for different courses.

All exercises are designed so that you can do them at any time of the day and in any situation (e.g. walk after lunch). So you can train flexibly according to your needs.

We break down complex techniques into small, actionable and achievable steps that anyone can easily follow. There are exercises for all environments and for all levels of experience.
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