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The greatest personalities in history have the ability to inspire others.

TheKey is your key to the Stage.

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deniz aytekin the key
This exceeded everything I expected!
- Deniz Aytekin - Bundesliga referee & TheKey graduate
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Inspire other people with your ideas

Our Top experts and 11 coaches help you develop a keynote in 8 months that inspires, motivates, persuades and changes.
Find out, what you really stand for
Inspire your audience with your History, your Posture and your personalities
Reach thousands of people with your message
Overcome your Stage fright and Uncertainties
Perfect your Body language and Rhetoric
Kick confident, authentic and convincing on the stages of this world
Set your Voice skillfully to your request Effect to give
BE THERE with TheKey!

What is your message?

Wouldn't it be a shame if no one knew about it?

Nothing is worse than good breakthrough ideas that aren't heard. Real progress only happens when people like you take their chances and share their messages with the world.

At TheKey, you learn how to reach as many people as possible with your message.

Your path with TheKey

Specialized. Expressive. Ready for the stage.

Step 1


Gain clarity about your topic and expertise
Define your expertise and competence
Find your market niche and target group
Position yourself with your unique selling proposition
thoughts the key
greator the key

Step 2


The heart of your training
Build your 18-minute keynote that gets the full attention of your audience
Learn how to structure and develop keynotes on your own in the online course
Take your rhetoric to a new level

Step 3


Present yourself authentically and engage other people with you
Convince with your body language
Face a reality-like audience with VR goggles
Learn to use your voice from real experts
New: BONUS content from Oliver Brünner with tips & tricks and methods that will help you with your performance, energy work and your speaker business
speaking training

Step 4

Speaker Exam

Your final exam
Record your 18-minute keynote and submit your video in the members area. TheKey panel will watch your keynote and give you feedback.
Show what you have learned in training
Get your certified speaker award - the prerequisite to apply for an appearance on the Greator stage.

Step 5

Speaker & Expert Marketing

Your business booster
Build a person brand that highlights your expertise
Learn how to build a strong network
Develop your marketing plan to become visible as a speaker and expert
speaking become
Do you want to go this way with us step by step?

Your way with Greator Speaker



Gain clarity about your topic and expertise

- Define your expertise and competence
- Find your market niche and target group
- Position yourself with your unique selling proposition




The heart of your training

- Build your 18 minute keynote that will get you full attention
- Learn how to structure and develop keynotes on your own in the online course
- Raise your rhetoric to a new level




Present yourself authentically and engage other people with you

- Convince with your body language
- Learn to use your voice from real experts
- Engage your audience online and offline



Speaker Business

Use your speaking as a business booster

- Learn how to turn contacts into customers and make your reach work for you
- Pave your way to online marketing with checklists and step-by-step instructions
- Find a sustainable and automated strategy for your business



Your certificate

Into the future with a seal of quality

- As Germany's biggest stage brand, we know which keynotes work
- After passing the final exam you will receive your certificate
- Use your certificate as a ticket to the stages of this world
Do you want to join us on this journey step by step?
Yes, I run Go

What our participants say

  • "It's a totally awesome journey full of exciting experiences. Great coaches, new friends from the community and personal growth are a valuable part of it. I don't regret for a second accepting this challenge."
    Gudrun Kruse
    thoughts speaking thekey
  • "I met so many great people, had such valuable experiences, got to learn from the best coaches and also made new friends. All of this remains in my grateful memory!"
    Benjamin Schäfer
  • "Top coaching very motivating -very goal-oriented -very energetic. Brought great impulses for me. A coach at eye level and with high expertise!"
    Thomas Hole

Your detailed digital course program

Strong growth and full flexibility
1:1 Coachings
With our 11 coaches, you will release your blockages and get to the heart of your keynote.
Online courses
Get the combined knowledge of our top experts in crisp, high-quality videos.
Own VR goggles
With it, you can practice your performance in front of a virtual audience at any time and become more and more confident.
You'll be part of a development-minded community that supports each other and keeps moving forward.
No one else has that:

Achieving a safe performance with virtual reality

The EasySpeech VR goggles are the perfect companion for your training. With them, you can practice your keynote in realistic scenarios in front of a virtual audience at any time. And receive feedback on your speaking speed, volume, eye contact and much more directly in the goggles. 

Individual accompaniment to your stage-ready presentation

This Top-Experts support you with their concentrated knowledge in online courses and live Q&A sessions

Dr. Stefan Frädrich

Motivation and positioning expert
"You are your subject"

Frank Asmus

Keynote expert and top executive coach
"The way to the stage, is your way to yourself."

Oliver Brünner

Speaker, SAP trainer, author
"If you can dream it, you can do it!"
René Borbonus

René Borbonus

Expert in rhetoric, trainer, speaker
"Nervousness is no reason to be nervous."
Yvonne de Bark

Yvonne de Bark

Actress, coach, body language expert
"The show starts before the show, and it doesn't end until after the show."
Inga Paulsen

Inga Paulsen

Expert for voice and communication
"Speak clearly and with passion instead of mumbling it into yourself or letting others say it."
Francisco Medina

Francisco Medina

Theater and television actor
"Show yourself vulnerable instead of cool."
The possibility to take advantage of coaching sessions and also to have a very diverse selection of professional coaches gives the program the special value.
- Ursula Cerny - TheKey participant

Your 11 coaches for the 1:1 coaching sessions

Together to your rousing, authentic and confident keynote speech
"Click on the arrows to see all experts and topics" 
  • Miriam Anna Umhauer

    Expert for stage and camera presence
  • Daniel Arthur Fischer

    Stage performance expert
  • Jingsi Lichtenberg

    Authenticity expert
  • Karsten Stanberger

    Pitching expert
  • Thomas Spitz

    Personal Brand Expert
  • Robert Steffen

    Storytelling expert
  • Asita Rademacher

    Sovereignty expert
  • Lorenzo Scibetta

    Expert for Emotionally Speaking
  • Sabine Singer

    Expert for camera and stage presence
  • Tobias Bartel

    Expert for innovation
  • Marietta Brüning

    Expert for word choice and language

One of our participants in the before and after comparison

Frank Humpel has undergone an incredible transformation
This video clearly shows what the right methods, intensive coaching and professional speaking and performance training can bring out of you. Are you ready for your transformation into a speaker?

Who is TheKey for suitable?

For all those who...
Message have, with which they Reach people want
professional and sovereign Want to give speeches as if they had never done anything else
People authentic and emotional pick up and they Move to action want
are willing to work for their dream even Develop personally and get their Face fears
From the best speakers and experts would like to be coached in the industry
the foundation stone for their successful speaking career lay and to be strong personal brand want to position

Are you ready for TheKey?


Answers to your questions

How is this different from other speaker training courses?

1. no blah-blah, but real results

We want to see you on the stages of this world. What does it take? Your message! We know which keynotes work and work together to create your rousing keynote. During your training, you will apply the knowledge you have learned time and again, practise alone and in groups and benefit from feedback from your coaches and the group. With your Gedankentanken keynote, you can inspire and move people for 18 minutes. After TheKey training, you will be ready for the stages of this world.

2. not "You can do it", but "We can do it".

With Gedankentanken you have the largest platform for speaking, personal development and coaching at your side. You get excellent support and training from the best coaches and speakers in Germany. We walk this path together and provide 1:1 for new perspectives and real motivation. This way you can get the maximum out of your training. Nevertheless: You are the boss here and responsible for the implementation.

3. no fixed dates, but full flexibility

You decide which coaches you want to work with and which topics you want to go into more depth on. After all, your keynote should represent you and your message, not us.
The intensive video courses of our experts as well as all 1:1 coachings can be attended flexibly from home and the times can be chosen in consultation with your coaches - This allows you to integrate this training ideally into your life compared to many others.

How long does the training take?

The training to become a certified Gedankentanken Speaker takes about 6 to 9 months. It all depends on you. We say, "In 8 months to your keynote". Are you ready?

Then find your positioning in 4 months,
develop your keynote in 3 months
and take care of your authentic performance for 1 month.

By the way: Even after your training, you still have access to your video courses. So you can always fall back on the expert knowledge.

How much do I have to invest in the training?

We're being completely honest with you: such a high-quality education naturally comes at a price.

You get the input of Germany's best speaking experts such as Dr. Stefan Frädrich, René Borbonus, Frank Asmus, Michael Ehlers and many more. In addition, you will receive individual 1:1 coaching with exercises that are perfectly tailored to you and expert tips for your development. You are flexible and can decide for yourself which coaches you would like to work with. In addition, we will provide you with the skills that will help you to build your own business as a speaker and to be really successful professionally. Apart from that, you will of course also benefit from the large reach that Gedankentanken now has through its international community.

That is, it's best to simply ask yourself the question, "Is the change that Gedankentanken Speaker training will give you worth the money?"

You can only answer that for yourself. But we think: Absolutely! Not only do you get a first-class training to become a top speaker, but you also save on travel and hotel costs, which would usually be incurred by other trainings. You also don't have to take extra vacation days.

And: You can finance the training over several months - completely without interest! :-)

If you would like to know what specific funding options you have, simply apply for the apprenticeship without obligation using one of the buttons on this page. 
We will then call you, give you detailed advice and try to find a good solution together with you (free of charge, of course).
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