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Cologne-based coaching startup Greator secures funding

Cologne-based coaching startup Greator has raised a second round of funding from HV Holtzbrinck Ventures landing somewhere "in the mid-seven-digit million euro range". The fresh capital will go to internationalization and launching the Greator app.


Ex-Prosieben boss Thomas Ebeling invests in Cologne start-up

Under the name "Gedankentanken" the Cologne-based company became Germany's largest platform for personal development. In the meantime, the company has changed its name - and this also has to do with the plans after the million-euro investment.


Greator - from an event company to a digital coaching provider

More than 120 employees now work for Greator. Soon it should be around 200. "Every month we reach two million unique people and last year a total of 55,000 people attended our events," says founder Alexander Müller.


THANK YOU: Alexander Müller and his way to happiness

Already the first impression during the guided tour through the respective floors makes you realize that Alexander Müller has done everything right that can be done right. There is a great atmosphere on every floor, and I also notice that there are many creative corners for the employees.


Home screen! A look at the smartphone of Alexander Müller

In the "Homescreen!" series, we regularly present the homescreens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech world - including exciting app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games for in-between. Today: Alexander Müller, CEO and managing partner at Gedankentanken.


"Often it is because of your own mindset that you have not progressed in life."

Alexander Müller: The realization that we can shape life ourselves. Our experiences, convictions, thought patterns ultimately create our reality. We humans tend to believe that the outside influences our happiness and success.


Obama brought this start-up to Germany - now Holtzbrinck is investing

Short message. Cologne-based start-up Gedankentanken receives millions from Holtzbrinck Ventures. This is how the step from event organizer to e-learning provider should succeed.


Coaching platform receives millions from Holtzbrinck Ventures

The investor Holtzbrinck Ventures has invested a mid-seven-figure sum in the Cologne-based coaching start-up Gedankentanken. The money will be used to accelerate the transformation from an event to an e-learning platform.


#EXKLUSIV Holtzbrinck invests in Gedankentanken

Gedankentanken wins Holtzbrinck Ventures as investor. The company recently caused a sensation with the appointment of Barack Obama as speaker. In general, Gedankentanken is currently developing more and more in the direction of e-learning. Which also explains the investment.


Obama praises commitment of young people to climate protection

At an appearance in Cologne, the former US President expressed optimism that his country would do more for climate protection in the future. He said he was counting on young voters.


"I didn't know how to work the coffee machine"

Barack Obama is back: At an event in front of 14,000 spectators in Cologne, the former American president talks about very large ships, the tasks of the youth with regard to climate - and life as a private person.


Obama calls for rapid steps in the fight against climate change

It was actually only a private trip - but it seemed like a state visit. During his first stay in Cologne, ex-US President Barack Obama (57) spoke to some 14 000 people on Thursday.


Lanxess Arena Barack Obama chats in Cologne about the most powerful office in the world

He's finally here. 70 minutes after the lights in Cologne's Lanxess Arena went out at 7 pm, Barack Obama entered the stage, greeted by his older sister Auma Obama, who lives in Germany, and 14,000 listeners in the almost completely filled hall.


Barack Obama explains how important women are as advisors

He still knows his way around peaks. He was the star of the world's political scene in presidential times, and this Thursday evening in Cologne is no different.

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