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Everything about learning (holistic view of individual learning behavior)Behavioral/learning problems, lack of concentration ... (adults/children)Brain training
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Why do I do what I do? Because it makes me angry that there are so many great children, teenagers and adults who remain far behind their potential, mistrust themselves and suffer. Who are trained to be imaginative and think outside the box, and are always told what they can't do. As a mom of 2 school-aged wonderful boys, I know what the daily school and special learning challenges mean. My heart topics are holistic brain friendly learning for everyone and memory training, reflex integration and now Benaudira auditory training. I have been diving deeper and deeper into these topics since 2014. I am not satisfied with diagnoses and symptoms, but want to find the causes and start here, focusing on the individual. I show adults and children that learning can also be easy and fun, even if they may not have been able to experience it themselves during their school years. I believe in you!

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