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Do your thoughts also revolve a lot around your ideal weight? Emotional eating can also be called stress eating or comfort eating, and it is a disorder of eating behavior, i.e. the wrong way of dealing with food and one's own body. Finally get out of the dieting and optimization mania. I stand for love and a healthy relationship with yourself, especially with your own body! My passion is to help women find their way back to their body image and to themselves. This includes the right thoughts and feelings. Through my empathic skills I can individually adjust to my Soul.clients. Through my Life Coach and Glow Food training I was able to deepen my knowledge. I am a podcaster of "MFG - Mindfucks I FutureMe I GameChanger." I already mentor teens and young adults through "Heroes for Heroes" and have supported over 100 women in workshops and 1:1s. If you feel ready, I look forward to meeting you!

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