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Life Coach: 2022

You want a sexuality that makes you glow? That nourishes, satisfies and inspires you far beyond the edge of the bed? How would it feel to be accompanied step by step by a pleasure, sex & life coach in a way that is compatible with everyday life? I work with the lying eight, with pure conversational coaching to open up a space for even taboo topics, to bring more clarity into your life, to confidently and naturally make healthy choices for yourself. I integrate body exercises for more pleasure & enjoyment in your pelvis and body, with meditations, also partner exercises and like to give "homework" sometimes. Question for yourself: What is my deepest truth? What would be, if I would start to align my life with it? Are you ready for your own personal adventure of desire? Are you ready for transformation? If not, don't book me! *Remember: Life is too short for bad sex* Love Julia

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