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One thing is clear, I am Superwoman at Disneyland. I can do anything I want. Sometimes it happens very quickly and sometimes it takes a little longer. That's life. A constant up and down. So I don't fight it, I let go! I am convinced: Earth is god's idea of Disneyland. While we're here on this green planet, let's make the most of it, get out our surfboard and ride the waves. Our emotions are like a big, colorful bouquet of flowers. Stress, anger, joy, happiness, hate, sadness, they are all part of being human. If we accept them lovingly and understand their message, then the terror is only half as bad. "You don't have to carry the world, the world carries you." And in coaching together, I hold the space for you to experience what lightness feels like. So you can't help but learn to fly yourself. And that's how you awaken your superpowers!

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