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Hi, I'm Petra. First of all, I want to fully acknowledge you that you have already gone so far - that is not a matter of course.
You are brave you hero - you heroine.
I had never thought about my values. The consequence was I had no clear communication and how and what relationship is or should be for me was rather a nebulous construct.
Only when I started to explore myself, why I did something and how I did it, I also found solutions.
There are some "pillars" that I always bring into my coaching: Values, Meaningfulness, Understanding, Communication, Goals and Feasibility.
If you have a challenge in your life right now, at least one of these pillars will be lacking. Right?
I celebrate you for your recognition! And now?
To take very clear, concrete, measurable steps and to support you in reaching your named goal is my gift. What is yours? I am looking forward to meeting you.

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