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I will accompany you on your journey towards your true greatness.

I, too, was plagued from childhood by self-doubt and fear of failure, as well as the feeling "I don't belong" and I kept asking myself "what's wrong with me?". Therefore, I adapted, put a lot of pressure on myself and wanted to be as perfect as possible. Like a "starving person" I was constantly looking for attention and confirmation from the outside.

But only when I began to love myself, I could accept myself more and more and learned to know my (self-)value. In the meantime I have found "home" in myself, I am much more relaxed and confident.

With all my heart I would like to support you so that you also increase your love for yourself and thereby become independent of the reactions of others. And so that you also realize what a wonderful being you are in reality and live this more and more.

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