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My journey began in 2017 after my marriage broke up (for now).
After that, my wife and I "felt" that we always wanted to find a better way for us and our 3 children. Between our love for each other were hurdles which we did not know and alone could not clear out of the way.
In this very difficult situation, we agreed amazingly quickly that we needed help and also wanted to accept it.
Through our couples therapist, a personal recommendation, Robert Betz and literature, we found our way to Christina and Walter of "Heart Over Head" (Greator).
The two of them showed us very quickly what our separation has to do with ourselves and not only with each other.
After all, that's always the easy way....
Blaming "everything" on your partner is easier than asking yourself "what does all this have to do with me?"
Quickly we were both working on our own issues: long lived, learned ode

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