"Speaking: your key to visibility"

Apply the success strategies of top speakers and position yourself as an influential personal brand.
Duration: 90 Minutes

Discover the secrets of Germany's most successful speaker training program! Learn what makes an impressive keynote. Start now to strengthen your personal brand, inspire people and expand your reach.

In this masterclass you will learn:

take a look behind the most successful speaker training program in Germany
What REALLY makes a successful keynote (it will surprise you, because most people tell you something else)
Why and how you should start speaking now to gain reach with your personal brand
how to reach people with your message

If these things apply to you, then this masterclass is for you!

If these things apply to you, then this masterclass is just for you!

We understand that you only have a limited amount of time and finally want to start on the road to success.

In just 90 minutes, Jingsi and Stefan will guide you through the steps you need to take to realign your positioning and strategic communication - perfect for integrating into your everyday life!

  • Worse competitors are more successful? Although you are better, you are losing customers to "louder" competitors with poorer products.
  • Do you need more visibility to grow? You are an expert in your work, but the best product is useless if nobody knows you.
  • Learn from the best and do it right? You want to work with real speaking experts like Dr. Stefan Frädrich, Frank Asmus and Jingsi Lichtenberg?
  • Do you want to pack your knowledge into a story? It's difficult to get to the heart of expertise as deep as yours so that people understand it immediately. Together we can do it
Step by step instructions
Valuable input
Scientifically proven
The right questions
Free access

You're in the right place for this masterclass if you:

lose customers to "louder" competitors with inferior products
You are an expert in your work, but nobody knows you
You want to work with real speaking experts like Dr. Stefan Frädrich, Frank Asmus and Jingsi Lichtenberg
your deep expertise, to the point, so that people understand it immediately

About Dr. Stefan  Milling

Expert for motivation & positioning, physician and founder of Greator

Dr. Stefan Frädrich is a physician, bestselling author and founder of Greator. He looks back on more than twenty years of coaching experience and speaks as a speaker on numerous stages in Germany.

His core message "Change is possible" is reflected in all his projects. His seminar "Non-smoker in 5 hours" as well as the book series "Günter, the inner pig" are also internationally known. 

He hosted his own health programs at WDR and Pro7 before founding GEDANKENtanken (now Greator) in 2012.

As a trainer and expert at the Greator Business Coach he now helps numerous people to find their inner direction professionally and personally.

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