Stefan Frädrich, MD

Author & Founder of Gedankentanken / Greator
Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich inspires and motivates thousands of people every year with his lectures, seminars and books to lead a successful and happy life.


His vision is to inspire people through positive psychology. Therefore, in 2012 he founded the company Gedankentanken and thus laid the foundation for the Coaching platform Greator. As the creator of the popular motivational mascot "Günter, the inner pig"he is an expert in coaching with lasting success. Whether finally non-smoker, changing habits or the way to the dream figure - with his coachings and a variety of guide books he proves his expertise for many years. 

Since 2003 Stefan Frädrich, MD as a successful motivational expert, continuing education trainer, professional speaker and coach. With passion and a profound psychological knowledge Stefan trains and motivates people who want to actively live change.

The inventor of the popular motivation mascot "Günter, the inner pig dog" and founder of the further education platform GEDANKENtanken is an expert for coaching that brings sustainable success: Whether finally non-smokers, changing habits or finally finding the way to the dream figure - with his coachings and various guide books Stefan already helps thousands of people on their journey to themselves and to live their dream life.
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Title & Education

Director Steinbeis Transfer Institute GEDANKENtanken, Steinbeis University Berlin (2015 - 2018)
Lecturer SHB (2012 - 2018)
Master of Business Management (cci, 2002), Business Economist (IHK, 2002)
Physician, University of Ulm (2000 - 2001)
Doctorate: "On the prevalence of personality disorders in prisoners", (2000)
Study of medicine (1993 - 1999)


Antenne Bayern, BMW, Coca Cola, Deutsche Post, ERGO, FibuNet, Greator, Haspa, IGBCE, Jako-o, Karstadt, Linde, Nestlé, Mercedes, Novartis, OBI, Procter and Gamble ... Hey, I've been doing this job since 2003! This is getting silly.

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