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Live Coaching Days

The best coaches support you in your growth
Our top coaches Christina and Walter Hommelsheim bring in prominent coaching support for each seminar to bring you to your full power within 2 days.

To do this, they guide you through your past (to find out the origin of your blockages) to your wonderful future, based on your acute individual issues. Meanwhile, they strengthen you to stay in constant contact with your heart.

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The 3rd Greator Live Coaching Days

04 - 05 September 2021
intensive live coaching sessions
powerful meditations
exciting lectures and interviews
activating yoga sessions
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The 2nd Greator Live Coaching Days

17 - 18 April 2021
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Greator Live Coaching Days

27 - 29 November 2020 
In November 2020, we launched the Greator Live Coaching Days. It was a huge success. That's why we started a whole series of events.
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Your hosts & coaches

Christina & Walter Hommelsheim

In this online seminar, Christina and Walter will guide you professionally through intensive personality work - with the goal of bringing about positive changes in your life.

You may already know them from the Greator Festival Online, where they coached numerous participants live, identified and solved blockages.

Both have more than 15 years of coaching and meditation experience, have completed countless coaching trainings and have been training coaches themselves together for many years. Their tried and tested method is based on paying more attention to the heart and letting it guide our decisions.

At the Live Coaching Days they pass on their accumulated knowledge to you, so that you are guaranteed to develop your full potential.

and other great special guests

Byron Katie 
Spiritual teacher, bestselling author,
Inventor of "The Work" method
Stefanie Stahl
Graduate psychologist, 
Author of "The Child in You Must Find Home."

Germany's top coaches accompany you intensively with your 
Growth Process

Step 1: Inventory

You recognize your current actual state
You set what you want to achieve in this seminar
You learn the method of the Horizontal Eight

Step 2: Origin

You work out which experiences have led to your current situation.
You dissolve negative beliefs
You let go of the old and create space for the new
circular questions exercise

Step 3: Future

You create your future with vision work
You take the next bold step
You get to know the new you

These methods will bring you into your full power


With profound and intense meditations, you get in touch with your heart a little more every day. Through this you can release negative emotions, meet your inner child and get to know your new self. All meditations are guided - you will be professionally guided during your entire inner journey.

The Horizontal Eight

With this coaching method you unite your present, your past and your future to transform all stressful issues into new power. The Horizontal Eight brings everything together: It is holistic, deeply effective and sustainable. 

"The Work" by Byron Katie

This method has already helped thousands of people to leave obstructive beliefs behind. During the Live Coaching Days you will learn how to work on and dissolve your own blockages in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.


To start the day with full energy, the Live Coaching Days begin each day with a short, activating yoga session. Don't worry: You don't have to be a yoga pro to join in. Anyone can do these exercises - and they are sooo good :-)

What previous participants say 

Who are the Live Coaching Days right for?

For all those who:
want to make positive changes in their lives
have had enough theoretical insight and finally want to take action
are willing to deal intensively with their past in order to free themselves from old blockages
want to make peace - with themselves, the past and other people
want to integrate new goals and visions into their lives
want to get to know themselves better and experience true self-love
More about COACHING training
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