Ursula Hesse

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Do you want...
go through life with more joy, ease and confidence?
listen to your heart again to make your dreams come true?
improve your interpersonal relationships, revitalize and/or resolve conflicts?
Letting go of memories or events from the past?
get to know yourself better, experience more self-love and strengthen your self-confidence?
Find causes and solutions for your physical challenges?

Then you are exactly right with me!
I accompany you intuitively and lovingly through your pain and fears into the life you desire and offer you sustainable accompaniment into your new desired self!

You make peace with your past.
You create a clear vision for your future.
You realize your full potential.

The core element of my work is individual coaching with the Lying Eight by Christina and Walter Hommelsheim. I am also happy to incorporate tools from other trainings.
I am looking forward to seeing you!

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