The business coaching program for self-employed, entrepreneurs and executives

Achieve success & fulfillment in your business
- in a healthy, sustainable way -

Our 15 experts will teach you all the business coaching skills you need!
After 9 months you have:
the basis for unrestricted entrepreneurial growth
the ability, Blockades in yourself, others and your company to solve
more entrepreneurial freedom, satisfaction and tranquility
4.6 / 5 on TrustPilot
9 months
Possible at any time

15 top experts

Align yourself clearly and lead yourself and your business to sustainable success

Maybe you know the situation: You start your business and at first everything is going great. Your company is growing, your products are selling well and your customers are happy. A great feeling!

But then this happens: after the first steep growth phase, the sudden standstill. That's fine for a short time, but at some point you get nervous: What's going on? What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something?

So here we go: Overtime, product optimizations, pondering for hours at night, perhaps once again the Check numbers? But no matter which adjusting screws you turn, the Performance does not get better. If you are unlucky, it even goes downhill.

The good news:
There is a way you can both increase your business performance and improve your quality of life!

However, you can't keep doing what you're doing for that.

Your situation shows you very clearly right now: You have become the bottleneck of your own growth.

Your extensive knowledge in business administration, marketing and sales, product development and leadership was important to get your business off to a great start. But now you've reached the limit.

You have optimized everything about your company. If you now want to get even further, that means:

You have to change YOU!

And that is by Business Coaching Skills learn! 

You see the effects not only in concrete figures on your bank account - but also feel it personally in all areas of your life:
more serenity
deeper satisfaction
More intense pleasure
more energy
happy relationships and
inner peace
In the Greator Business Coaching Program you will be accompanied by 15 of the most successful business experts with your healthy Business Growth - without burning out, neglecting your personal life or becoming chronically ill.

Get trained by the most successful top coaches and entrepreneurs in Germany.

Our business experts will give you a concrete Step-by-step guidethat allows you to create a extraordinary life full success and Fulfillment to live.

Everyone is an expert in one special area and gives you his knowledge at hand, with which you will soon have the Next levels reach.
  • David Allen

    is a self-management expert and author of the best-selling book "Getting Things Done." In the module Next Level Productivity: Master your productivity he shows you how to succeed in productivity at work and in everyday life.
  • boris grundl

    Boris Grundl

    is a "people developer" and one of the most important leadership experts in Europe. In the Greator Business Coach Advanced program, he shows you how to be an effective leader.
  • Dr. Frederik Hümmeke

    Your trainer, business coaching expert and top management coach
    is one of the best-known coaches in the German-speaking world and is also a true full-blooded entrepreneur.
  • Vanessa Buchner

    Sync and corrections by n17t01 Expert for Coaching & Personality analyses as well as Co-Founder of the Deep O.C.E.A.N. Institute for Personality Research. She shows you how to use your personality effectively in your coaching business.
  • Dieter Lange

    Sync and corrections by n17t01 worldwide known Top trainers, Executive and Coach. With his worldwide experience, he teaches you how successful organizations work.
  • Michael Ehlers

    is considered one of the most renowned Rhetoric experts in the German-speaking area. In the Greator Business Coach Advanced training, he teaches you the fine art of communication.
  • Céline Flores Willers

    Sync and corrections by n17t01 Top 25 Voice on LinkedIn and runs the video format "ahead" there. She supports you in building your LinkedIn presence as part of the Greator Business Coach Pro.
  • Janine Kox

    is known as Coach certified several times. It has Psychology and cognitive Neuroscience studies and shows you how to deal with blockages - whether yours or others'.
  • stefan frädrich business coach expert

    Dr. Stefan Frädrich

    Your trainer, expert for motivation and positioning and founder of Greator
    Sync and corrections by n17t01 Founder from Gedankentanken and Bestselling author ("Günter, the inner pig dog"). He helps you with your positioning in the Greator Business Coach Pro program.
  • Alexander Hartmann

    is known among others for RTL, Pro7, Sat1 and ZDF. He is Expert for Subconscious and helps you in the Greator Business Coach Pro program to better understand yourself and your environment.
  • Patric Heizmann

    belongs to the most famous Staff Trainers Germany. He helps you in the program Greator Business Coach Advanced to find a healthy lifestyle that makes you powerful.
  • Denys Scharnweber

    helps as Teaching Trainer for inner Balance people to cope better with stress and to live more mindfully. He will also support you in the Greator Business Coach Advanced training.
  • Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher

    Sync and corrections by n17t01 Negotiation expert and Professor for Leadership and Organization. He helps you in the programs Greator Business Coach Advanced and Greator Business Coach Pro to convince people and to enforce your desired fees.
  • Marvin Schulz

    Sync and corrections by n17t01 Entrepreneur and Expert for Online marketingwho has already turned over several million. Marvin helps you set up your online marketing in the Greator Business Coach Pro program.
  • Sarah Bushman

    mediates in numerous Executive Functions the people around them: The only constant is change. How change succeeds, it also shows you.

This is how you achieve sustainable change

All our coaching elements are based on current neuroscientific findings. If you apply it, you are guaranteed to make changes. Moreover, it is easy to learn, easy to apply and over the course of the process flexible.

Help yourself, other people and teams to be a higher performance level to reach and quickly visible, concrete results to bring about!
In general, the Greator Business Coach training offers you a wide variety of methods. In addition to our own RESULTS method, we also offer numerous other methods. well-known and well-founded coaching approaches flow in, such as:
Hypnosis coaching and hypnosystemics
Normative and Narrative Coaching
Autonomous and Authoritarian Coaching
Schema Therapy
and much more !

What impact coaching skills have on you and your business

In contrast to other business coaching trainings, here you will find out right at the beginning who you actually are yourself, what your Strengths, weaknesses and values are - and how you can not only Targets more clearly, but also achieve them and thus increase your Appointment find and live.

In addition, the training can be flexibly in your daily business life integrate.

Instead of short-term pressure-fueling, as with most other courses or weekend seminars, where your newfound knowledge is quickly lost, here you get a sustainable, practical and neuroscientifically based concept to the hand.

This will give you a comprehensive Method casethat you will always know exactly what to do in the future in order to keep your Corporate success in a targeted and sustainable manner.

By thinking about 9 months learn the most important business coaching skills, apply them directly in your company and repeatedly Reflectthe new behaviors can become anchored and sustainable the changes that you desire.

The Greator Business Coach Training is suitable for you if you ...

the Foundation want to put to work with your Business Correct to get started
know that for this yourself, your Behavioural patterns and Ways of thinking need to change
the combination of Success and fulfillment as an important goal
your entrepreneurial freedom, passion and Fun want to win back
are ready to commit to your Growth Radical from decelerating factors to separate

Success Stories

  • "Frederik is just a cool guy. Today he is my most important contact person, especially for difficult situations. Without him, I probably wouldn't have managed the generational transition and the company succession in our company. Frederik solves problems immediately and is passionate and enthusiastic. The cooperation is super, his new book is great! Frederik is sensational."
    Constantin Bushman
    CEO and owner BRABUS GmbH
  • "I have 25 years of corporate experience, also in management. I was looking for a suitable program for my self-employment and ended up with Frederik. What fascinated me from the beginning was his neuroscience approach. I don't know anyone else who has such well-founded knowledge and conveys it in such a charming way. Super competent and great to apply! Now I can work with my coachees on a whole different level."
    Daniela Hartmann-Ege
  • "What I particularly like about Stefan is his absolute honesty and straightforwardness, without wanting to hurt people. Personally, I've always had the impression that he "reads" people not only intellectually, but also emotionally, which makes his feedback particularly valuable."
    Ursula Schulenburg
    Author and alternative practitioner
  • "Stefan knows himself so well that he never acts against his inner self. He has a clear compass and knows what he does and doesn't want to do. This also explains the title of his new book "Why goals are nonsense - and how we can achieve them anyway": It's not about setting artificial goals and then pursuing them in an uptight manner. It's about knowing ourselves so well that our goals arise on their own and we achieve them effortlessly. Stefan successfully passes on this art. Stefan exemplifies what he recommends."
    Thilo tree
    Author, editor and speaker

Your training at a glance

Your trainers Stefan and Frederik will guide you through your program - together with 13 other top experts for specialized content. The entire training lasts twelve months. Depending on how intensively you want to acquire the important coaching skills, you can participate for three, nine or the entire twelve months:


greator business coach practitioner
During the Greator Business Coach Practitioner training you will learn the ability of inner alignment. You will learn how to become aware of your basic motivations and how to find goals that match your nature. You will understand what types of people there are and how they can be motivated. You find out what obstacles you carry around with you and how you deal with them. Finally, you can set your goal compass and go your way. At the end of the three months, you will take a final theoretical exam and receive a certificate of attendance. receive a certificate of participation.
want to get to know your basic motives and yourself better
desire an inner alignment that motivates you effortlessly
want to have profound experiences that will become your basis for success
appear more self-confident and self-determined and/or
want to convince people of your merits with your focus on the essentials
The Goals Compass: Find out what really counts
Crises of meaning, chaos, distraction: recognize obstacles and dissolve them
The meaning of life: what is your mission and what are you there for?
Understanding thought patterns: How do you make new things a habit?
Productivity: How do you do the right thing and manage your time?
Dr. Stefan Frädrich, expert for personality development/positioning
Dr. Frederik Hümmeke, Expert for Business Coaching
Dieter Lange, expert for leadership
3 + 6 MONTHS:
greator business coach advanced
Greator Business Coach Seal
The Greator Business Coach Advanced training includes the Greator Business Coach Practitioner training plus six additional months of in-depth training. Here you acquire the entire spectrum of coaching skills: How do you transfer your knowledge of human nature into concrete coaching? After successfully completing the exam, you will be a certified Greator Business Coach and will have the following Greator and university certificate an important qualification for your future.

In addition, you get free access to the Deep Ocean Self-Assessment incl. evaluation interview with an experienced certified Deep Ocean Coach (worth 197 €)
want to communicate effectively with people and groups
motivate others to achieve better results in the long term
want to achieve goals effectively and result-oriented in a team
want to help others understand/change their actions
want to increase your competence with an attractive university certificate
Appreciative and effective communication
Bring about sustainable results
Understanding and influencing people
Release blockades and change thinking patterns
Gain performance strength through fitness and health
Serene high-performance without burning out
Becoming resilient to stress
Avoid conflicts/resolve and negotiate meaningfully
David Allen, self-management expert
Denys Scharnweber, teaching trainer for inner balance
Patric Heizmann, health expert
Michael Ehlers, rhetoric expert
Boris Grundl, Leadership Expert
Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher M.Sc., Negotiation Expert
Janine Kox, expert for change of experience and memory
Vanessa Buchner, expert for personality coaching
Sarah Buschmann, Executive and Expert for Change
3 + 6 + 3 MONTHS:
greator business coach pro
Greator Business Coach Seal
If you want to start your own coaching business, you add three months to the nine-month training to become a certified Greator Business Coach Advanced. During this time, you will receive numerous practice-relevant additional tools to build up your successful coaching business. At the end you will be Greator Business Coach Pro, ready to start your business - and for 12 months listed on the Greator Coach Map.
are already self-employed or want to become self-employed
Want to help private individuals grow professionally
Want to take your company forward
want to open an additional business field as an established coach
and you are planning to start an exciting and lucrative career in the
Startup self-employment
the numerous contemporary business tips for your existing business
want to use
How do you succeed in positioning yourself as a top expert in business?
How do you negotiate charmingly with customers and convince managers?
How do you succeed in effective online marketing with Facebook?
Advertising, landing page & co.? How do you build an effective LinkedIn-
How do you enforce your desired fee?
Céline Flores Willers, Top 25 Voice (LinkedIn)
Alexander Hartmann, Co-Founder Deep OCEAN Institute
Marvin Schulz, online marketing expert
Dr. Stefan Frädrich, expert for personality development/positioning


Video lessons
The core of your training consists of valuable video lessons. In them, the trainers Stefan and Frederik and the experts selected for the respective modules impart scientifically up-to-date and well-founded knowledge - ultimately all relevant content that top performers need today for their success.
For all training content you will receive comprehensive digital workbooks to deepen the content from the videos. The workbooks bundle the key points from each lesson, always with concrete opportunities for practice.

Q&A sessions
The virtual Q&A sessions with Stefan, Frederik or other experts deal with content-related questions that arise during your program. Here you can get individual and personal input. There is a Q&A session for each module.
Individual head coach feedback
If individual questions cannot be answered in a Q&A session, our expert head coach team will answer your question within seven days.

Optional Mastermind Group
If you want, you can join a mastermind group for exchange. These groups can be organized locally or thematically. You can stay together throughout the training and celebrate your graduations together.
Practical case studies
You will deepen your knowledge with exciting case studies. For each module you will receive a thematically appropriate case study, which you will work on individually. A sample solution is presented for each case study.

Practical exercise coaching
To become a coach, you need two points of view: that of the coach and that of the feedback provider. Because your first coaching sessions need qualified feedback. That's why, starting in the sixth month, you will complete exciting practice coaching sessions with training participants or real clients based on real situations for your concrete practical experience: During the practice coaching sessions, you will be a coach - or also a feedback provider for another prospective coach.

Scientifically sound, efficient and practical didactics
Stefan, Frederik and also the experts teach all methods in a simple, understandable and precise way, so that you learn efficiently. With our Greator RESULTS coaching method we show you in a comprehensible, concrete and practical way how to teach others the best ways to bring about change. In this way, you train your perceptive and observational skills as efficiently as possible and also develop individual coaching approaches through which you can reliably act effectively.
Maximum flexibility
Of course, we have planned the training so that you can go through it as easily as possible. That's why the current modules are available online around the clock in the form of video and audio content - even on mobile devices.
Applied learning
Through our unique Greator RESULTS coaching method, you'll achieve immediate results and position yourself for success with your self-employment when needed. Everything you learn, you can apply immediately.
Your binding test(s)
Depending on the program, you will take different exams:

- If you attend the Greator Business Coach Practitioner training (three months), you will take a theoretical exam. If you pass, you will receive a certificate of participation for the completed training.

- Do you train to become a Greator Business Coach Advanced (nine
months), you first go through the training to become a Greator Business Coach
Practitioner. After another six months, you will take a theoretical exam (written online) and a practical exam (virtual coaching that is recorded for evaluation). You are admitted to the exam when you have completed all the content and completed all the practice coaching sessions as a coach and feedback provider. Completion is the coveted Greator Business Coach certificate.

- If you attend the entire training, including the part on business start-up and self-employment as a Greator Business Coach Pro (twelve months in total), no further examination follows.


Greator Business Coach CertificationCertification Greator Business Coach mobile
Schedule an initial consultation today and learn the ultimate Formula for your personal and professional success.

The most frequently asked questions about training

What exactly does it mean to have my Greator Business Coach certificate?

When you have successfully completed the training program, you will receive the Greator Business Coach certificate (in cooperation with the University of Witten/Herdecke).

This entitles you to self-employed as a business coach to make. But you can also simply use the skills you have acquired in your own company apply to your success and to promote a healthy Work-life balance to create.

As a certified business coach you are automatically part of our community and benefit from our Greator network, which already includes many well-known coaches.

This will give you the opportunity to be included in the international Greator Coach Map, which will help you get started in your coaching business and access to your clients - if this path is for you.

What can I use the Greator Business Coach Training for if I don't want to start my own business with it?

Many of our participants do not do this training in order to later become self-employed as a business coach - but use it for their personal growth and counting success in their own business.

Because through the tools you get taught, you will develop yourself personally and professionally enormously and at the same time you will be able to help others. People in your environment support.

For example, after this training, you will be able to respond even better to the needs of your Customers and solve their problems precisely with your offers. This puts you a big step ahead of the competition, simply because you're a better People skills have and Conversations lead more purposefully.

You will also become stronger in dealing with your Employees. You will get better Negotiations that are pleasant and satisfying for both parties. You will understand which Blockades exist, even if no one says them directly - and be able to solve them.

For yourself
you will develop skills to Focus to the right tasks. You will thanks to a clear inner alignment know what you should really do - and what you shouldn't. This will not only improve your Drive business more efficientlybut also even more time for Family, hobbies and the really important things in life have.

With these tools, methods and skills, you can finally combine success and fulfillment.

How much time do I need to invest in the program each week if I want to see visible results?

How much time you spend training is up to you.

However, we recommend you to use at least 3-7 hours per week to stay on the ball and really integrate the content into your everyday life.

Theoretical knowledge is important, but you can only achieve concrete results if you also apply this knowledge to your work. apply.

If you don't have time to work on the modules for one or more weeks, that's no problem.

We have deliberately planned the training so that you can always flexible stay and all contents in the form of video lessons, workbooks and case studies Retrieve, repeat or catch up at any time you can.

The Q&A sessions we always provide you also as Record available.

Am I bound by the requirement to complete the training in 9 months?

No. The 9 months are considered Reference valuewhich is designed to help you stay on the ball and apply the experts' content on a regular basis.

The more often you use your Business Coaching Skills in everyday life the better you integrate them into your typical behavior patterns. And the faster the first successes on.

However, we are aware that your life as an entrepreneur or self-employed person does not always allow as much leeway as you may have planned. That's why you have a total of up to 18 months Time to complete the training.

Since every week you get new Video lessons, workbooks and Case studies be unlocked and also the Q&A sessions take place every two weeks, we recommend that you keep to the 9 months so as not to fall too far behind.

But it's no problem if you want to take more time.

We always make the Q&A sessions available to you afterwards as a recording. You have permanent access to all other content (video lessons, workbooks, case studies).

So you stay maximum flexible and you will have absolutely no disadvantage if you want to take more time.

The training takes place online. How do you ensure quality and support?

The training is structured in such a way that you can learn the content conveniently from everywhere and at any time can retrieve.

You continue to learn at your own pace and apply the coaching tools you learn to your business from day one. With the help of the proven RESULTS Coaching Method you achieve directly visible results.

Every two weeks you can participate in a Q&A session with one of our top-class training experts. Here you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas in a direct personal qualified answers to your questions that have arisen during the module.

If your questions cannot be answered adequately within these sessions, you can also contact our Head Coaches turn. To enable you to apply your theoretical knowledge at a high level as quickly as possible and to gain important practical experience, you will complete from the sixth month of training intensive Practice Coaching With other training participants or real clients.

On the basis of Real situations you train to apply your business coaching skills in a target-oriented way. Afterwards, you'll receive valuable, constructive criticism each time from a Feedback provider. For Greator as well as for our experts it is a top priority that during the training you sustainable successes and we will give you highest quality standards offer

When does the next round of training start?

The start of training is possible at any time.

Are you ready to go to the next level?


Certified business coaches are more in demand today than ever before

Sure, you've already invested years in your own education and skill development. But no matter how good that makes you at your job, you can't achieve your goals alone. You need a great team of people and customers by your side to help you achieve them and bring your mission and vision to life.

This is exactly why coaching is one of the most important skills of all today.

The Google company also confirms this. In a study, the company analyzed more than 10,000 of its most successful managers to determine their top 8 habits. What do you think is in first place? Coaching!


But what makes coaching so successful? When you apply coaching to your leadership and communication style in your team or with clients, the results suddenly multiply. You, as a leader, now have the expertise to support others through your knowledge and skills in such a way that they come into their own power, develop potential and overcome challenges.

It's no wonder then that coaching is the most efficient, in-depth and impactful way to move forward as a self-employed person or coach with your own business, or as a leader to build a high-performing team and grow your business and profits exponentially.

And you too can soon become a master of this craft by starting the Greator Certified Business Coach training!
Become a Business Coach now

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Become a certified Greator Business Coach now

Whether you want to become an in-demand business coach, build a successful career in your company, or take your own self-reliance to the next level, Greator is a certified educational institute and allows you to ideally achieve your goals with this in-depth program.
The Greator Business Coach training is a 9-month, hands-on, in-depth training that will transform you into a knowledgeable, valuable and highly skilled business coach and consultant. What's special about our training is not only the flexible scheduling and cumulative knowledge of 15 leading national business experts, but also that you get all the content digitally, so you can access it individually - wherever you are. This is how modern training works!
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case studies
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