Greator Festival 2022

greator festival
Greator Festival

The biggest festival for self-realization

Cologne, 28 - 30 July 2022

100+ Top Speakers, Workshops & Party
25,000 people celebrating their change
3 days of pure festival experience in Cologne
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The Greator Festival in numbers






Workshops & Seminars

The 1st Greator Festival

Cologne, 28 - 30 July 2022
100+ Top Speakers, Workshops & Party
25,000 people celebrating their change
3 days of pure festival experience in Cologne

Our top speakers 

Greator Festival Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

Serial Entrepreneur, New York Times
Bestselling author, investor
Greator Festival Byron Katie

Byron Katie

Bestselling author, founder
the "The Work" method
Greator Festival Les Brown

Les Brown

World's most famous motivational
Speaker, Author
Greator Festival Laura Malina Seiler

Laura Malina Seiler

Visionary, Empowerment Coach,
Greator Festival Tobias Beck

Tobias Beck

Top international speaker,
Bestselling author
Greator Festival Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer

Celebrity Therapist,
Bestselling author, speaker
Greator Festival Dieter Lange

Dieter Lange

Top Leadership Coaches, 
Pulse generator
Greator Festival Stefanie Steel

Stefanie Stahl

Bestselling author
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How we celebrate change together

3 days - without borders

Opening Event

Now is the time to dust ourselves off and leave the old behind. It is time for change!

With our spectacular opening event in the LANXESSarena we will ring in the biggest festival for self-realization with an unforgettable party.

With rousing entertainment, great live acts, inspiring top speakers and a lot of fun we start with full energy and motivation into 3 days full of growth.

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Greator Festival Opening Event
Greator Festival Community


There was nothing we missed more last year than finally meeting you in person again. The Greator festival unites us and our huge community. Let's party together, revive old relationships, make new friends, support each other in our goals. Just like before - only now with a whole new awareness.

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Sit down with the best coaches in the world and learn from them how to achieve your goals. Very personal and exclusive. In small workshop or seminar groups, superstars such as Les Brown, Marisa Peer, Byron Katie, Steven Kotler, Dr. James Doty and many more will tell you how to make the most of your potential, find your calling or overcome possible blocks. With the tips from these great experts you can only get into action.

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Greator Festival Seminars and Workshops
Greator Festival Keynotes


Wow. At the Greator Festival you will meet the world's greatest and most influential speakers and learn their personal stories: What fates have changed them? What have they learned from crises? And what would they give you for your path? With more than 5 stages, you will have the opportunity to network with these top speakers and get exactly the impulses to grow beyond yourself.

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Now is the time to dust ourselves off and leave the old behind. It's time for change! At our big opening and closing event, we're finally going to let it all hang out again. With great live acts and lots of fun. We have earned it! #celebratechange. 

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Greator Festival Keynote
Greator Festival Feeling

Festival Feeling

What is the prerequisite for real change? Correct: self-knowledge! Only when we know what our greatest strengths are, what really drives us and what our goals are, can we decide on the right path. Let's listen to ourselves together - in meditations, yoga sessions, workouts and many interactive program points for more mindfulness on the way to our goals. 

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Networking is Key, or as they say among business people? And what better place to make contacts than at a festival with over 25,000 motivated people and bright minds from a wide variety of fields? Here you're sure to find interesting conversation partners, helpful career tips and maybe even people who would like to work with you. 

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greator Festival Business
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Closing Event: Gedankentanken Speaker Night

Let the (last) show begin!

Of course, after 3 days of filling up with impulses, growing and connecting, we also have to celebrate a proper farewell - with everything that goes with it.

That's why we've come up with a very special highlight for the occasion: We let the Gedankentanken Speaker nights revive!

With the most inspiring top speakers on one stage, a top class show and of course a spectacular finale!
And nowhere else than in the 15,000-seat LANXESSarena - just like the opening event!
Let's bring the LANXESSarena to the boil together one last time.

Because we really deserved that at the end of this festival.

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The biggest festival for self-realization 2022


Thu. 28 - Sat. 30 July 2022


LANXESSarena - In the heart of Cologne!


Valuable impulses, great parties & mutual growth
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