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You are ready to develop yourself and your personality into a whole new dimension? You finally want to follow your vocation and accompany other people in becoming the best version of themselves? Then now is the time for you to take your next step!

Your way to become a certified Greator coach

Your education

Your 9-month training consists of two parts that build on each other: The 3-month Greator Coaching Practitioner and the 6-month Greator Coach. The completion of the Greator Coaching Practitioner is the prerequisite for your start as a Greator coach.

Step 1:
Greator Coaching Practitioner

You lay the foundation for your work as a coach by first working on and solving your own issues. In the Greator Coaching Practitioner the focus is on you - because to become a good coach, you must first look at your own issues. You will experience the methods and instruments developed and applied by Christina and Walter, which you will later use yourself as a coach. Who are you? How do you want to live? And who do you want to be?

Step 2:
Greator Coach

Your next big step: In your 6-month training as a certified Greator coach, you will learn how to use the tools combined in the method of the lying eight step by step. By combining review and vision, you will learn the holistic and extensive repertoire of action and solution possibilities that you need as a professional coach. You will take the attitude of a coach and thereby further explore your own issues and promote your own development.

The highlight

You are a certified Greator coach!

What makes the certified Greator coach training so special?

Full flexibility & highest training standards

  • Weekly online coaching videos: In two high-quality online coaching videos per week, Christina and Walter Hommelsheim teach you the respective topics and methods in a smooth and varied way.
  • Digital Workbooks: Every week you will receive a digital workbook with exercises and reflections to review and consolidate what you have learned.
  • Live Q&A Sessions: Every month your coaches Christina and Walter Hommelsheim answer your questions in two online live Q&A sessions and are available for personal exchange.
  • Meditations: In each session you will become aware of and free yourself from old patterns of your thinking, feeling and behaviour in deep meditations.
  • Tests: After each week you will be given a short test with a few questions to test your current level of knowledge and consolidate what you have learned. This way you always know that you have understood and internalized the contents.

Opportunities for direct exchange

  • Live Event: During the two live events you will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants for 3 days each. You will get to know Christina and Walter and practice the learned method yourself in live coaching sessions.
  • Community: In a community of like-minded people you will learn and develop together. In the exclusive Greator Member Space you will meet your community for personal exchange and receive support from certified head coaches.
  • Local-Meet-Ups: You meet with other participants live in small groups online or on site in your city or the surrounding area (self-organized) There you exchange your experiences and topics or you practice the coaching method you have learned.

Qualified degree & good prospects

  • Certified Greator Coach: After completing your 9-month training, you will receive your certification as a Greator coach.
  • Become part of the Greator movement: After your training as a certified Greator coach you will become part of our community and benefit from our Greator network, which already includes many renowned coaches.

Inclusion on the Greator Coaching Map

As a certified Greator coach, you have the opportunity to be included on the international Greator Coach Map after your training, which makes it easier for you to enter your coaching business and to access your clients.

Your coaches

Your instructors for Greator coaching are Christina and Walter Hommelsheim.

For many years, the couple have been training people to become successful coaches, drawing on years of experience. Both have gone through very different, deep crises themselves - and have consciously created their own, self-determined and happy life on their way. They love to inspire people and to accompany them on their way to realigning their lives. Now they would like to support you to develop your full potential - towards more clarity, lightness and joy.

Greator Coaching Business as an additional bonus

Online Marketing Marvin Schulz

  • You create your marketing funnel and learn how to generate new customers and optimize sales processes
  • You will learn step by step how to reach your desired target group online
  • You learn everything about the correct pricing of your product and how to create professional offers
  • You learn how to efficiently and successfully place online advertising and build your own landing pages

Positioning Dr. Stefan Frädrich

  • You will learn the true secret of your successful positioning in the market, in order to distinguish yourself positively from the competition through uniqueness
  • You develop a unique selling point and find your own niche
  • Through a comprehensive market diagnosis you will learn how to build up your successful business


The Coaching Method

The lying eight is a worldwide unique coaching method, which Christina and Walter developed themselves a few years ago. It combines a look back into your past (depth psychological work) with a preview into your future (insights from brain research, quantum physics and modern vision work). In this way, you direct the released energy from released blockages towards what you really want to draw into your life.

In short: This method combines causal work - "Why you are the way you are" - with vision work - "How will you be the way you want to be".

What other methods are experienced?

"The Work" by Byron Katie

Inner child work



mantra after Dr. Hew Len


The graduates are enthusiastic!


Now it is time for you to take the next step!

Training to be a Greator coach will change you. It will take you further than you ever dreamed possible. Become the best version of yourself and bring others to their full potential.

You'll get that in your training:

  • You acquire a comprehensive skills set with certificate: With your training and the final certificate as a Greator coach, you can make it your profession to coach people professionally with the best methods. You will understand them, inspire, motivate and bring about lasting positive changes.
  • You benefit from the Greator network: After your training you have the opportunity to be included on the international Greator coach map with many renowned coaches. This makes it easier for you to enter the coaching business and to access your clients.
  • You experience your own transformation process: By first identifying and releasing your own blockades and patterns, you create piece by piece your self-determined, happy and successful life.
  • You inspire others: Through your own experience and the deep internalization of the method, change comes about - also in your charisma. This changes your whole life: Opportunities arise that you never thought possible before. You become the radiant person you want to be. This in turn attracts others who want to experience the same thing.
  • You become part of an energetic community: You experience your own transformation process as well as learning your coaching methods together with like-minded people. You will have a daily digital and intensive exchange, learn from each other, grow together and are connected by a very special commitment: To challenge yourselves again and again and to support each other cooperatively.
Seats are only available in limited numbers!

Greator in numbers

Greator is the most successful continuing education platform for personal development and entrepreneurship in the German-speaking world. 

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We want everyone to have the opportunity to take the training to become a Greator coach. Through our high-quality and extensive online coaching and workbooks, this training also works flexibly from home and still offers you the highest quality. We are convinced that you will achieve maximum success if you can manage your own time. In addition, our online training saves you a lot of organizational effort and even cash money: You don't have to spend a cent on travel or hotel costs that would be incurred if you had to travel to coaching sessions in Germany. And don't worry: With this online training you will also maintain close contact with the other participants. You will learn together, support each other and develop further. In the exclusive Greator member area you will meet your community for personal exchange and receive support from certified Greator head coaches. There will also be two exclusive live events where you will also meet each other in person!

Your online training consists of numerous live digital events in which you learn and apply all the methods and tools you need as a Greator coach. These events take place - depending on the occasion - sometimes in small and sometimes in larger groups. For example, every month you will be connected live to intensive coaching sessions in which you will experience first-hand how your coaches Christina and Walter apply the methods taught. You can ask them your questions directly and thus gain effective practical experience. In order to be able to apply the methods you have learnt in practice, you will also coach other participants regularly via video call.

When you have successfully completed your training, you will receive a certificate as a Greator coach. This entitles you to start your own coaching business. As a certified Greator coach you are also part of our community and benefit from our Greator network, which already includes many well-known coaches. This gives you the opportunity to be included in the international Greator Coach Map, which makes it easier for you to start your coaching business and access your clients.

In order to win the first clients for your own online coaching, you naturally need the right tools and the know-how to position yourself as a coach. You will get all this directly after your successful completion as a Greator coach in the form of "Greator Business Coaching". In this online coaching, your already well-known trainers Walter and Christina Hommelsheim will show you how to take the first steps towards independence with the right mindset. You will also get the best tips for your positioning from Greator founder Dr. Stefan Frädrich. The successful online marketer and entrepreneur Marvin Schulz will also show you very specifically how to win your first customers through clever online marketing.

In principle, 9 months are scheduled for the training to become a Greator coach. During this time you will regularly receive coaching content in the form of videos, workbooks and live sessions, which will take about 2 hours per week. When and at what pace you work on the content is completely up to you. The 9 months are also only a guideline for you. If you need breaks, want to repeat content or simply need more time, that's completely okay. This training is intentionally online to give you maximum flexibility and independence.

Absolutely! We are convinced that as a really good coach you should first go through your own processes and issues, because only then you will know what you are talking about in your coaching sessions. You can empathize with the feelings and thoughts of others, show them understanding and provide competent, fast and lasting support. That is why every Greator coach goes through his own transformation process (Greator Coaching Practitioner) in the first three months of his training. Only then do you start the part of the training where you learn how to coach and support others (Greator Coach ).



Seats are only available in limited numbers!
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