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I studied business administration and have been a tax consultant since March 2007.

So, by training, I'm a numbers-data-facts person. And very successful at it. I was a partner in a law firm with 3 locations and 60 employees for 10 years.

All the tax consultants I know do a great job.

But most of them groan and groan under the weight of the tasks at hand.

For me, at some point this groaning and moaning was so great that my body screamed STOP very loudly:

2 x burnout, 1 x stroke

That changed everything.

I looked into personality development and tasted blood.

Since 2021, I have been self-employed as a mentor, coach, and sparring partner, and now help people prevent things from going the way they did for me in the past.

Or I provide support in returning to work stronger after a low blow.

I am a good listener and empower people to rediscover and live their own ME.

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