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Alexandra Renkawitz

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Mood up your brain!
I help people - learners, students, adults - to learn easily, confidently and effectively. And to make knowledge not only retrievable for the one exam day, but to anchor it forever.
Do you need support so that you or your child can confidently deliver knowledge in the next test? Or would you like to work as a learning coach yourself and help children, teenagers and adults to achieve great learning successes? Do you want to watch the healthy memory palace and personal space grow?
I will gladly show you how it works. In the first step we build your personal think tank. And if you want, we'll take an extra look at your metabolic performance and other factors that your body and brain need for top performance: Targeted use of brain foods, mood foods and lifestyle factors makes learning even easier.
And if you want, as a pro you can soon support your own clients.

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