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If you're wondering whether you've lost your way in life, it's time to realign your inner compass. Born in the former Czechoslovakia and raised in a dictatorial country and in an extremely conservative family, I learned from birth to conform in order to please and not stand out. And if I wanted to stand out, then only in a positive way! It wasn't until the birth of my second son, who was born with his own opinion and assertiveness and whose first words were mom, dad and NO, that I recognized in him what I had been missing all those years. I was able to learn how important it is to pay attention to your own needs, to know your innermost desires and to remain true to your own values. I love inspiring people to discover their inner strength and to feel how powerful they actually are! I listen to my clients with an open heart and encourage them to take new paths. Paths to a fulfilled and self-determined life🍀

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