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It is my passion to accompany and empower people in personal development.
I see myself as a coach, but also as a mentor and specialist for women who (want to) stand with both feet in life. But I do not only support women, people of all genders I gladly offer my help.
I am someone in whom people confide and who feel comfortable with me with my non-judgmental attitude. I can deal well and openly with taboo subjects, which my counterpart can perceive.
Through my rich and eventful life experience, I am in an exceptionally good position to pick people up where they are at in life.

I have gone (and still go) the way to courageously stand by myself and I tell you, it's worth it! Even more, you are the best for others, if you are first the best for yourself.

Online or in my office in Mainz, I accompany you on your way to the wonderful person you are, so that you feel free, content, self-determined and happy.

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