Anna-Lena Heckert

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Life Coach: 2023

For over a decade I've been working on my personal development, working through trauma and negative beliefs from my childhood and adolescence. And now I help other people to go through life happier, to love themselves and to listen to their intuition. I am a life coach because I want to help other people and make the world a better place. I want to see other people grow, want to see them shine from within again. This fulfills me from the bottom of my heart. For long enough, I kept myself locked up, kept myself small, didn't love myself, didn't feel like I was good enough. Today I love myself, have the self-confidence I dreamed of for so long, am happy and lead a free, courageous and self-determined life. I am an empathic and intuitive coach. I give you enough time and space to feel and lovingly help you with your development.

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