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I always had the feeling of not being "right" the way I am. I often felt under pressure to perform, because I had unconsciously linked performance with attention and love. I ran through my life like in a hamster wheel, was exhausted and often sickly and did not want to see what my body wanted to show me.
2015 began my path to myself.
In spring 2019, I finally found the Psi Online Coach Training of Christina and Walter Hommelsheim, which I enthusiastically continued with the live training. Through the method of the lying eight I found what I had been looking for in vain: the unconditional loving YES to me.
I am just right the way I am! And so are you! I would love to support you in releasing your blockages and bringing your very own radiance into the world. It's magical when doors suddenly open that you didn't even know were there.
Are you coming? I am looking forward to you!

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