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Maybe you want a new start or by a stroke of fate you are in a life crisis ? I support you to find your way and YES to life in all its facets again. I accompany you from a mix of life, work, health experiences. With the Greator method I bring you back to your potential and your power in an open-hearted, emphatic and appreciative way. Everything you want to be, everything you desire is already within you - you may rediscover it! I look forward to walking the path with you.

For many years I was in the "hamster wheel" and always had the feeling that I was not living my life. Through many strokes of fate and my tumor disease, I learned in my education, many training courses also in the field of Ayurveda, the power to activate my self-healing powers during the disease. Today I live the life I always wanted deep inside me and the path is not over yet.

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