Daniela Bäuml

Me with myself - self-care, self-acceptance, self-loveRelationship, partnershipBurnout, bullying, profession, vocation
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Life Coach: 2023

Find your guiding star! "Where do I want to go and how should it feel?" I accompany you on your way. Take the journey to yourself - I am your travel companion. Together we will find out where you are right now and why you are standing where you are. Partnership, marriage, job, overweight, underweight, body aches, tired, sad, desperate and sick? How could it come so far? And... How should it go on? I support you to grow independently. Together we identify the most important challenges of your life. In harmony with your body, mind and soul you will solve your life tasks with confidence and come into your vision. Your life will unfold before you fully, happily and healthily. You already carry all the solutions and answers within you - let us bring them into the light!

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