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hi, i'm doreen. i'm an emotion coach with human design vibes.

my motto in life: "it is what it is."

as a social worker with 13 years of experience in working with psychologically stressed people, i know how great the need for relieving professional conversations is. coaching can be a wonderful way to meet this need.

three questions i will always ask you:
1. do you really think you have a choice?
2. who or what part of you currently decides what you do or do not do?
3. when you reach the end of your life - what would you hope to have done on that day - today?

in order to bring about change, we must be aware that there is a space between stimulus and reaction that gives us the freedom to choose. this is where self-responsibility arises. this is where we find our feelings and arrive at our state of being.

in love and serenity,
your doreen

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