Hannah Cuvenhaus

Self-worth: recognizing your own value - regardless of your performance and what you have achieved todayStress: you don't get enough done because of all the to-dos. You often think: "When I've done this, then I can finally..." but it never happensWho am I? You no longer know what you really want, you live more according to what you "should" or what others expect of you
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As a psychologist and certified Big Five For Life coach, I help young women who want to finally align their lives with their own wishes and needs. Have you only looked after the needs of others for too long? Have you always tried to work through your to-do list so that you can finally... Yes, what actually? Have you lost touch with yourself and want to rediscover who you are and what you really want so that you can align your life accordingly? Then join me in finding your heart's desires and your firm footing in life. Realize yourself, set yourself apart, never put yourself on the back burner again.

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