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I am Ilka Nina Pfeiffer, your coach, personal trainer & yoga teacher.
I love exercise, mindfulness & healthy eating. But exercise and food have not always been healthy for me. I know self-rejection and self-loathing too well.
Anorexia, sports addiction and depression were expressions of my unhappiness. Discovering and letting go of my destructive beliefs was a liberating experience. Now my motives are healthy. I exercise out of love for my body. I eat to nourish my body well. I am mindful of how I spend my time.

I am happy to accompany you on this path. In my coaching sessions, you can open up to your core issues in a pleasantly calm and open way. Often deeper issues around self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love are expressed in failed diets or compulsive diets. When you get in touch with yourself in an accepting way, you can relax, feel self-determined and authentic.

Cordially, your Ilka Nina

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