Ines Hofbaur

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Life Coach: 2023

I have come a long and often very dark way myself until I understood that I am the designer and director of my life. My greatest vision is that every person is grateful to be here NOW. In exactly their life, in their wonderful body and in this exciting time. In my coaching sessions, I take a very intuitive approach and work carefully with what is currently emerging. I love people and their stories and have no fear of dealing with difficult topics, because being touched is the most beautiful thing for me. My companions are my sense of humor, my sensitivity and my openness of heart. Thanks to my many years of experience in accompanying people, I have a treasure trove of tools that I can draw on. I particularly love vision work and immersing myself in my own silence. I am creative with words and thoughts and an enthusiastic problem solver. I look forward to hearing YOU and your story!

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