Jennifer Hartmann

Profession & VocationCrisis & IllnessSelf love & potential development
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Life Coach: 2021

Out of the crisis, into the life you want! Are you unhappy at work? Or you want to understand your illness and heal it on an emotional level. Others always come first for you and you don't treat yourself very lovingly. You wish to have a relationship full of self-love with yourself? Then let us transform your life! I am at your side with my experience. Because I have also experienced all of this in over 20 years and now pull more and more heart desires into my life. As a coach I help you to change your focus, to make new decisions and to realign your life. We dissolve old patterns and beliefs and I show you how to lovingly accept your feelings. We strengthen your emotional health and self-love so that healing can occur within you. You learn to help yourself in challenging situations and come back into your power - back to you. You create the self-determined life you want to lead.

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