Josephine Drawer

Health; family; energy centers; perfectonism; stress management; stroke; burn out; healing.
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For years I gave my all in my job and family (patchwork). In my spare time I studied for a degree in wellness training and learned a lot about the body and relaxation, but I never allowed myself to stop and take a breath. Until 6 years ago when I was abruptly ripped out of life by my body saying STOP (stroke). There began my journey to myself, now I had time to apply all my knowledge about blockages in the energy flow of the body to myself. I was allowed to become aware of feelings that I had always suppressed (e.g. anger), which among other things was also the cause of my illness, so healing could take place. Now as a Master Inspirations Coach I was able to bring more lightness and joy into my life with the method of the "Lying Eight". I am very happy to be able to accompany you on your path.

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