Katharina Dauenhauer

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I take you by the hand and show you how to build a secure wealth in the long term with proven strategies without burning time and money. Finance and wealth building are my expertise. I have worked for a major German bank as well as an insurance company, studied business education and headed the business department at a vocational school for banks, real estate and insurance for many years, as well as trained teachers in the field of business and administration and worked for many years as an examiner in the IHK examination board for bank trainees. As a result, I know very well why you won't become financially free with the typical banking and insurance products and what you can do instead to be truly financially successful. I've also been a yoga teacher for over 10 years and work with you a lot on mindset & money mindset. Today, as a passionate financial coach, I guide people on their path to financial independence and freedom.

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