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Do you know this? You always try to hold up all the balls, to meet everyone's expectations & to fulfill the demands that are supposedly placed on you? But instead of feeling good, you only know self-doubt & fear of doing something wrong, not being good enough, possibly looking bad or being rejected? But you would like to change something?
Then you are exactly right here! In 2019 I came exactly to these limits in my self-knitted merry-go-round on my own expectation & corresponding pressure & so something had to change. I no longer wanted to act from old conditioning & beliefs, but to learn again to listen more to my inner voice & thereby gain clarity about myself, my values & visions & about my path. Today I am a Greator-Coach & would like to help you to recognize the gifts in your experiences, to rediscover your feelings & to free yourself from old patterns & beliefs in order to walk your own, authentic path.

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