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For many years I worked in management positions and was already very successful as a consultant/coach for more than 15 years. One day I looked back and thought "I have achieved all the goals in my life!" At that moment I realized --> on the outside I have achieved EVERYTHING - but inside me there is a big emptiness! I asked myself "who am I really?" "what do I want - really?".
So I set out on a journey to find myself and my happiness. I wanted to learn to LOVE myself. Wanted to learn self-love.

My path also led me to the method of the "lying eight". I used the training for myself. As a Master Inspiration Coach according to Heart Over Head/Greator Coach, I succeed more and more in loving my inner ME with the method of the "lying eight" and the vision work. More and more my life changes and improves. You can do that too!
I would be happy to support you with all my knowledge and experience, so that you too can find the path to yourself and your self-love.

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