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I am a person who loves to have new experiences, I like to try new things and my Big Five values are courage, friendship, love, awareness and truth. I love the mountains, the feeling when you reach the top, the peace and the view. I always motivate myself to see all the abundance in my life and I am very grateful for all the "mistakes" in my life, because through them I was allowed to learn so much.
Physical and mental health is very important to me, so I meditate and cook often and exercise regularly.
I deal a lot mentally with self-love, self-confidence, self-sabotage and polyamory.
If you are looking for someone who accompanies you, supports you and gives you space, then you are exactly right with me. With me you get your heart time.
You want to change something in your life but don't really know where to start or how? Tell me about it and I will support you.

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