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I have been severely visually impaired since birth, which means that I can recognize things in everyday life rather poorly or not at all. This could also be described as "blind spots".
Did you know that we all have such "blind spots" in our subconscious? These are responsible for the fact that we, for example, do not achieve goals or wishes, always act the same way or feel lacking in energy in everyday life.
Are you dissatisfied in your life or feel little fulfillment? Then I help you to gain a clear view, in which you discover and dissolve your emotional "blind spots" with my accompaniment. You get clarity, reconnect with yourself, learn to love and trust yourself to overcome limitations.
Since I myself know what it is like to have a limitation and to cope with everyday life, you can also turn to me with confidence in these matters, because I will show you the tolerance and empathy that you need.

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