Ulli Burkart

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Life Coach: 2023

Out of a mental low, I began to ask myself what all this has to do with me. What do I think and feel and is this my destiny or can I "reprogram" myself? Then I set out on the path to the child within me that came to this earth with unlimited potential and I have been reinventing myself ever since. Does that strike a chord in your heart that says... oh yes, I want that too! I have such a desire for lightness and carefree joie de vivre or even peace and quiet. I would love to accompany you on the path to you and go on a journey with you, look at wounded parts with you and inspire you to make powerful and vibrant new decisions about how you want to feel in the future. What would the gold version of you be? Every change starts with a decision. I look forward to seeing you 😊

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