Greator Coaching Practitioner - The 12 Week Programme

Intensive online program with personal coach support for your further development

It's time to break your limits! With the help of valuable and tried and tested coaching methods, you will come into your full Power. Let go of your fears, recognize your Strengths and get ready - here comes your new Me!

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Get out of the heaviness and into your full potential

Experience now your positive Change and dive into your new life! Let us together your Blockades overcomeTurn every challenge into an opportunity and reclaim your lightness.

With the Coaching Practitioner program you listen to yourself and discover what really makes you tick. Moves and what you're really wish. Here you get the tools in your hand, with which you can inner Borders once and for all Sync and corrected by dr.jackson for.

Free yourself from old burdens, release old Beliefs and Barriers to success and come into your life strong and positive. full Power.

With the Coaching Practitioner, you will become part of a unique program that has brought many people into their full potential. Meet like-minded people from the Community and embark on an adventure that will change your life. sustainable change will.
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This is what makes the Greator Coaching Practitioner so special


Take a close look at yourself, your negative beliefs and assumptions in order to understand yourself better. Recognize what is really bothering you and specifically address what is still holding you back.

Satisfying your past

We often leave a lot of energy and power in the past when we get upset about it over and over again. To release this energy, you must first make peace with your past.


Take a journey into your inner self and gain new strength, new insights and new courage to walk your path. Professionally produced meditation music and soulful guidance will bring you to your essence.

The Greator Community

Hundreds of people have already embarked on their journey through the Greator Coaching Practitioner programme. Exchange ideas with like-minded people here and gain a valuable network.

Bonus: Three free one-on-one coaching sessions

3 x 60 minutes with one of our coaches

Here the whole focus is on you. Together with one of our top trained coaches you will get to your essence in these individual sessions. Our coaches support you in finding the answers you are looking for within yourself. This guarantees that you will emerge from your very exclusive and private sessions powerful and with new clarity.

Your path in the Greator Coaching Practitioner

Month 1

Inventory, Vision, Inner Child

The first month is about taking stock. In your "inventory" you look at what's weighing you down right now and what challenges you want to face. You'll think about how you want to be in the future and create your powerful new you. In addition, you will get to know your inner child and together with him you will dissolve what is still blocking you from the past in the here and now.
Greator Practitioner Impulse


Month 2

Self-love, past, mother & father entanglement, 
New & Old Me

Now it's time to get down to business! Together we go back into your past and dissolve your old negative beliefs with the help of valuable methods and unique tools. You also look at your relationship with your parents and unknot the entanglements with them that still hinder you in the here and now. You will emerge from this month full of self-love and with newfound strength.
Greator Practitioner Step by Step


Month 3

Partnership, illness, lack & abundance, basic trust

In the third and last month of your Greator Coaching Practitioner you will learn how to bring a fulfilling partnership into your life and how to recognize body symptoms and resulting illnesses. You step out of a lack consciousness into abundance and rediscover your basic trust. In this way, you align yourself positively with your future and set off for new exciting horizons with your Coaching Practitioner.
Greator Practitioner Achieving Goals

You want to know what you're getting?

Videos, workbooks and meditations await you every week. Here you can find the exact course of your training to become a Greator coach.
= videos
= Workbooks
= meditations
Month 1: Your life inventory
Week 1: The old you
Week 2: Your patterns
Week 3: Your Vision
Week 4: Inner child 
Month 2: Dissolve your beliefs
Week 5: Self-love
Week 6: Past becomes wisdom
Week 7: Parent entanglement
Week 8: New and old me 
Month 3: Gain basic trust
Week 9: Partnership 
Week 10: Illness 
Week 11: Lack and abundance 
Week 12: Basic trust 

The 12 week program starts soon!

The Greator Coaching Practitioner programme starts in phases, much like a degree course. The next start date is 29 June 2021 and the sooner you join the programme, the more you can save.
Mega Discount for Super Early Birds
30.03. - 02.05.2021
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03.05. - 06.06.2021
Regular fee
07.06. - 28.06.2021
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With the Greator Coaching Practitioner you give yourself the chance to live a happy and fulfilled life. Be the creator of your own positive change and get back in the driver's seat of your life.
Greator Practitioner Coaches Christina Walter

This is what you will experience in this program

Your separate Transformation process: Identify your own blockages and patterns through valuable tools that we give you. In this way, you dissolve obstacles to success and old burdens - and step by step achieve your self-determined, happy and successful life.
Tools for you and others: With the Coaching Practitioner you will acquire skills with which you can help yourself and people around you enormously. By dissolving your own blockages, you will also recognise them in others more quickly and thus gain a completely new, positive way of dealing with your fellow human beings.
go to the Good magical on: By using valuable methods to align yourself positively, a change in your aura also occurs. Opportunities emerge that you didn't think were possible before. So you are open to possibilities and you attract exactly the things into your life that you want to have.

... and much more.
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Greator Practitioner Coaches Christina Walter

Your coaches

Your coaches in the Greator Coaching Practitioner are Christina and Walter Hommelsheim.

For over 20 years we have been accompanying people to unfold their full potential. We have both gone through very different, deep crises ourselves - and have consciously created our own, self-determined and happy lives along the way. We love to inspire and guide people to realign their lives. Now we would also like to support you to unfold your full potential - towards more clarity, lightness and joy.

The Coaching Method

The reclining Eight is a worldwide unique coaching method that Christina and Walter developed themselves a few years ago. It combines the retrospective in your Past (depth psychological work) with the preview of your future (findings from brain research and modern vision work). Thereby you direct the released energy from solved blockades to what you really want in your life. your Life drag want.

In short: this method combines causal work - "Why you Sync by honeybunny are as you are" - with vision work - "Like Be you Sync by honeybunny as you its want?".
Greator Practitioner Coaching Method Prone Eight

These methods shape the program

  • Greator Practitioner Meditation

    Deep meditations

    Take a journey into your inner self and gain new strength, new insights and new courage to walk your path. Professionally produced meditation music and soulful guidance from our top coaches will bring you to your essence. With the help of guided meditations you will move past thoughts and beliefs and finally realize what you really want in your life.
  • Greator Practitioner Forgiveness Mantra

    Ho'oponopono - the forgiveness mantra

    The Hawaiian mantra according to Dr. Hew Len will support you in dissolving painful situations from the past and aligning yourself positively with the future. With ho'oponopono you learn to forgive yourself and others and thus regain valuable energy, which you need for your happy and self-determined life.
  • Greator Practitioner Mindmovie Vision Work

    Vision work and mind movie

    An important part of the training is the vision work. Here you take a close look at your wishes and dreams - and learn how you can achieve them. Then you create your own vision film with images and excerpts from the future you want to have. Your mindmovie is the powerful tool with which you will positively align your mindset and your thoughts to your new future.
  • Greator Practitioner Inner Child

    Inner child work

    Each of us has buttons that cause us to take certain actions when they are pushed. Behind this is often our "inner child". Learn to know it and to deal with it and your past in order to bring serenity and ease into your life.
  • Greator Practitioner The Work Byron Katie

    "The Work" by Byron Katie

    Best-selling author and speaker Byron Katie has developed this powerful method that will help you dissolve old negative beliefs and come back into your full power.

The participants are enthusiastic!


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The Greator Coaching Practitioner with personal coach support for your further development

3 months program - at your pace
Weekly new videos and valuable impulses
Digital workbooks with practical exercises
Access to the unique Greator coach platform
3 x 60 minutes with one of our coaches
Live Q&A sessions with your instructors and the community
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We are

As Europe's largest provider of coaching and personal development, we have been bringing people to their full potential for 8 years.
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Why is the program online? I would like to get in contact with the other participants.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to do the Coaching Practitioner program. Through our high-quality and comprehensive online coaching and workbooks, this program also works flexibly from home and still offers you the highest quality. We are convinced that you will achieve maximum success if you can manage your own time. In addition, our online program saves you a lot of organizational effort and even cash: You don't have to spend a cent on travel or hotel expenses that would be incurred if you had to travel to coaching sessions in Germany. And don't worry: You will maintain close contact with the other participants even with this online program. You will learn, support and develop together. In the exclusive Greator members area you will meet your community for personal exchange and receive support from certified Greator Head Coaches. There will also be an exclusive live event where you will meet in person!

What happens if I can't get anywhere on my own at one point?


What if I don't make the program in 3 months?


What happens after the 3 months?


How much time do I have to invest if I want to do the coaching program?

Basically, 3 months are scheduled for the program. During this time you will receive regular weekly coaching content in the form of videos and workbooks from us, which require about 3 hours of time. In addition, there will be live sessions and Q&A's that will take about 1-2 hours of your time. On top of that, you still get to spend time with your buddy and the community. However, when and at what pace you work on the content is completely up to you. Also, the 3 months is just a guideline for you. If you need breaks, want to review content, or just need more time, that's totally fine. This program is intentionally online to give you maximum flexibility and independence.

What are the benefits of the Greator Coaching Practitioner?

You discover that you have everything you need within you. The Coaching Practitioner Program is suitable for anyone who wants to release their own blocks, work through their childhood, break through patterns, realize this for themselves and live a happier and more fulfilling life. The Greator Coaching Practitioner Program is an intensive journey to yourself, where you get to know yourself better, dissolve your blocks, get the opportunity to unfold your potential.
holistic, sustainable and deep. Perfect to take you personally to the next level. The Greator Coaching Practitioner program manages to live the best vision of yourself. You start with yourself, fundamentally change your life.
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Greator Practitioner Christina Walter Coaches

Break your inner limits and come into your full power. Be the creator of your own positive change.

Make Change Happen.

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