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It's cold and gray outside, the couch is more tempting than the gym, and the winter blues are setting in... Sound familiar?

We have something for exactly that:

The Greator Festival Online 2024, your ray of hope in winter!

Over 200,000 participants are enthusiastic

Use the insights of the most successful speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs worldwide for you personally and your business!
New content on a wide range of topics every dayFrom Mindfulness via Health up to Business and success you will receive the knowledge of over 70 experts until midnight every day, who will really help you in your life.
Exclusive all-day live workshop with Dieter Lange on day 5
Live from the studio. Round off your festival experience perfectly by going live with Dieter Lange.
Free yourself from old beliefs and obstacles to success

Get the tools and methods you need to easily arrive at a life that feels light and fulfills you.
International experts for all areas of life

Our latest line-up

Dr. Stefan Frädrich
Motivational expert, speaker, founder of Greator

Exclusive Greator Festival 2023 keynote
Tony Robbins
Author, Coach, International Top Speaker
Tobias Beck
International top speaker, bestselling author

Exclusive Greator Festival 2023 keynote
Laura Malina Seiler
Visionary, Empowerment Coach,

Exclusive Greator Festival 2023 keynote
Wim Hof
The "Iceman", extreme sportsman, inventor of the "Wim Hof Method".
Boris Grundl
Entrepreneur, leadership expert, speaker
Brian Tracy
Author of "Eat the Frog"
& 37 other books
Byron Katie
Spiritual teacher, bestselling author,founder of "The Work" method
David Allen
Author of Getting things done,
International Speaker, Founder
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Bestselling author, developmental biologist & stem cell researcher.
Dieter Lange
Top management trainer, impulse generator

New keynote & all-day live seminar
Mareike Awe, MD
Physician, coach, bestselling author
Dr. Ruediger Dahlke
Bestselling author, consultant, speaker
Hermann Scherer
Bestselling author, consultant, speaker
Stefanie Stahl
Bestselling author
Jörg Löhr
Top speaker, personality trainer and bestselling author
Markus Hofmann
Memory trainer and learning expert
Alexander Christiani
Storytelling Consultant,
Author, Coach
Christina Grahn- & Walter Hommelsheim
Coaches, trainers of Greator Coaches
Dr. Deepak Chopra
Memory trainer and keynote speaker, author
Andreas Buhr
Speaker, Author
Detlef D! Soost
Dancer and TV star
Alexander Müller
CEO of Greator
Dan Millman
"Peaceful Warrior," author
Denys Scharnweber
Trainer, Coach, Speaker
Oliver Brünner
35 years SAP trainer, project and change management speaker
Dr. Frederik Hümmeke
Entrepreneur, top management coach & author
Dr. Laurie Santos
Cognitive scientist & Professor of Psychology at Yale University
Dr. Srikumar Rao
Speaker, author, former business professor
Elisabeth Motsch
Speaker, trainer, coach
Maxim Mankewich
SPIEGEL bestselling author #1 and expert on consciousness & genius
Felix Thönnessen
Speaker and mentor
Dr. Bradley Nelson
Chiropractor, renowned healer
Katrin Hill
Marketing Expert, Podcaster
Ken Honda
Bestselling author, entrepreneur
Mario Lüddemann
Trading and investment expert
Marisa Peer
Celebrity Therapist,
Bestselling author, speaker
Reinhold Messner
Extreme mountaineer, author and former Member of the European Parliament
Dr. Julian Hosp
Professional athlete, doctor, blockchain expert and bestselling author
Annabell Whitney
Entrepreneur, singer and international keynote speaker
Neale Donald Walsch
Author of "Conversations with God"
& 37 other books
Natascha Wegelin
Financial expert, entrepreneur and podcaster "Madame Moneypenny"
Gary Vaynerchuk
Serial Entrepreneur, New York Times
Bestselling author, investor

Exclusive Greator Festival 2022 Keynote
Pierre Franckh
Best-selling author, mental coach, entrepreneur, speaker
Steven Kotler
Author, journalist, entrepreneur
Veit Lindau
Expert for integral development of potential
Vladislav Yakhtchenko
Expert for rhetoric, manipulation & persuasion
Debora Karsch
Managing Director of persolog and personality expert
Oliver Geisselhart
Mental and memory trainer, trainer and speaker trainer
Susan Sideropoulos & Marianne Neumann
Dr. Janna Scharfenberg
Doctor, Ayurveda expert, health and nutrition coach and yoga teacher
Thomas D.
Member of the German hip-hop group Die Fantastischen Vier

View more top speakers

Tayler Schweigert
Co-founder of lovelifepassport, multi-entrepreneur, keynote speaker
Greta Silver
YouTuber, podcaster, author and a best-ager model
Leni Bolt
Expert:In for time management & mindfulness in everyday working life, host of the Netflix series Queer Eye
Maik Baum
Expert in coaching psychology, founder of Baum Akademie GmbH
Marcel Clementi
Yoga teacher & YouTuber
Michalea Merten
Bestselling author, mental coach, Mrs.Happiness, speaker
Celine Flores Willers
LinkedIn influencer & personal branding expert
Max Reidl
Self-made millionaire and real estate expert 
Sarah Desai
Spiegel bestselling author, coach for meditation and transformation
Dean Graziosi
Success coach, marketing specialist and bestselling author
Margarethe Honisch
Founder of the financial platform Fortunalista, speaker, Spiegel bestselling author
Marie Amière
Actress, model and presenter
Marijanna Braune
Psychologist, podcaster and founder
Verena König
Trauma therapist, Spiegel bestselling author and founder of the NI Neurosystemic Integration® method

Jackie Friday
Founder, Speaker, Author
Susanne Korasani
Naturopath, author and holistic health coach
Caro Meisel
Pilates trainer
Lea Ernst
Founder of "Classy Confidence"
Serena Goldenbaum
Author, make-up artist, hairstylist & beauty coach
Oksana & Olha Dondyk
David Kasper
Strategic tax consultant, entrepreneur, keynote speaker
Marliese Köster
Author, speaker, business and self-leadership coach
Tanja Fischer
Speaker, body coach, regulation via breath, nervous system and epigenetics
Kerrin Dienefeld
Social pedagogue, coach for inner strength, paraglider pilot
Martina Libra
Systemic coach, system. Constellation & Hypnosis Expert
Joachim Trieb
Keynote speaker, coach,
Airline long-haul pilot
Luênya Santiago dos Santos
Management consultant, motivational speaker and coach
Sabine Lechner
Coach for communication and mental strength
Ilmar Mantz
Management consultant, production & process management, coach in flowing business
Philipp Lechner
Sex coach for couples, intimacy, unity of body and mind
Dr. Monica Negrean
Doctor - Health coach - Speaker

Katrin Ziebart
Spiritual Leader of the New Age, Mindset & Spiritual Coach, Speaker

This content was at the Greator Festival Online 2024

For visible success in your life
Day 1: Best of Greator Festival 2023
Experience previously unreleased highlights of the Greator Festival 2023 in Cologne - directly from home!

This day is a journey through the most inspiring moments from last year's live event in Cologne - with keynotes from our favorite speakers that will immerse you in the special atmosphere of the Greator Festival.

You can look forward to a look behind the scenes at Greator, powerful impulses that will kick-start your growth and personal development and a pure festival feeling.
Day 2: Strengthen your connection to yourself 
The second day is all about your personal development.

Leading coaches and experts come together here to provide you with valuable strategies for self-development and self-reflection.

Take part in meditations and a live breathwork session that will bring you closer to your inner child, make you aware of the power of your breath and give you practical tools to achieve your goals and strengthen your personality.
Day 3: Experience change and strength
On the third day of the Greator Festival Online 2024, you can expect brand new keynotes, further exclusive festival insights and inspiring success stories.

One highlight is the keynote speech by Oliver Brünner, who was voted best speaker at the Greator Festival 2023 ahead of Tony Robbins. His remarkable development - from his first appearance on stage to great success - is a vivid example of how hard work, investment in development and courage can lead to profound change.

You'll also get exciting insights into the band's history and his relationship to personal development in an interview with Thomas D. from "Die Fantastischen Vier". We also provide you with the highlights of their concert at the Greator Festival 2023 to get you in the right festival mood.

Use the experiences and breakthroughs of today's speakers to drive your own personal and professional development.

Day 4: Financial freedom
The fourth day of the Greator Festival Online is all about financial freedom - with a special focus on developing a healthy money mindset.

This day is an invitation to rethink and transform your relationship with money.

Learn from leading experts and successful entrepreneurs how a positive and healthy financial mindset can be the key to personal wealth and financial independence.
Day 5: Full-day online seminar with Dieter Lange
As the crowning finale of the Greator Festival Online, you can look forward to an all-day, interactive Live seminar with top coach Dieter Lange.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to turn the inspiration of the last 4 days into reality. Dive deep into the topics of personal development and life success.

Learn directly from Dieter Lange, ask him your questions and discover transformative techniques that will have a lasting positive impact on your life.


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Keynotes by the best national and international speakers, coaches & entrepreneurs

The greatest and most influential speakers give you new impulses for your personal and professional growth every day! They make you think - but most importantly, they move you forward!

Entertainment & Mindfulness

Energy for body and mind. This is the prerequisite for real change in your life! Therefore, there will be a daily guided meditation by Christina and Walter Hommelsheim.
meditation couple

Community chat

You're sure to have some AHA experiences! Engage in live chat with the community and share your insights with others.

Take you further.

Release your blockages & experience your 
personal breakthrough
Deepen your relationships - 
professional and personal
Find your calling &
 your why
Bring your business 
to the next level
Fill up with inspiration & motivation 
for your life
Set up your mindset 
Happiness & Success from

Who is the Greator Festival Online right for?

For all those who: 
are hungry for new impulses for their lives
want to develop further instead of standing still
Wanting to see crises as opportunities
want to get to know themselves better and meet with more self-love
want to strengthen their friendships and relationships
are ready for the next step in life

Emotions in pictures

Collect unforgettable moments with us 

Voices about the Greator Festival Online

"Why Greator? Because it brings personal development to many people in a very personable way."
- Laura Malina Seiler -
Visionary, Empowerment Coach,
"A high quality content and professionally organized online festival."
- Joey Kelly -
Musician, extreme athlete,
"Wonderfully rich, fun, and well organized."
- David Allen -
Author of Getting things done,
International top speaker, founder
"Greator is the most awesome personal development platform in Europe!"
- Tobias Beck -
Top international speaker,
Bestselling author
"At Greator are great people, highly competent, super professional, and with insanely beautiful visions."
- Daniela Ben Said -
Keynote Speaker, Trainer

"Already 6 years ago I was allowed to record my first video at what was then GEDANKENtanken. I like the makers behind it. I've known Stefan for a very long time and appreciate him very much. And that's why I'm glad to be involved."
- Patric Heizmann -
Fitness expert, coach,
Bestselling author

Answers to your questions

When and where will the Online Festival take place?
The Greator Festival Online took place from January 24-28, 2024 will take place. Would you like to experience an even more intense festival? Then check out the Greator Festival 2025 in Cologne! Click here for more information.
Is participation really free of charge?
Yes, your ticket is 100 % free of charge. There are no hidden costs - neither now nor afterwards.

All you have to do is register using the form above and you're in. With your free ticket you can participate in all content and features of the Online Festival.
What topics are covered?
With over 70 speakers and coaches from all industries, you're sure to find exactly the topics that will move you forward in your life.

Here is just a small selection:

Personal development & self-realization
Business & Entrepreneurship
Fitness & Health
Love & Relationships
Mindfulness & Meditation

and many more topics ...

In addition, there will be deep meditations with Christina and Walter Hommelsheim.
How do I get my free ticket?
Just enter your name and email address in the registration form on this page and click on "Secure free ticket".

After successful registration we will send you a confirmation email. On the first day, November 17, you will receive your personal access link and will be able to access the content directly.
Until when can I view the content?
The keynotes, interviews and meditations of the day are always available until midnight. This allows you to stay flexible throughout the day and watch exactly the content that interests you - at the time that suits you best.
Will the English lectures be translated?
Yes, all keynotes and interviews in English will be subtitled in German. So you can follow all contents of the Online Festival effortlessly even without English knowledge.

Voices about the Greator Festival Online

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