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What is your personal definition of happiness? You ask yourself what you want to have seen or experienced in your life to feel deep satisfaction and fulfillment? Then you are looking for your "big five"!

Speaker, coach and best-selling author of the books "The Café at the Edge of the World" and "The Big Five for Life" - John Strelecky - will show you how to live your Big Five for Life with concrete tips and exercises.
"You already have your Big Five for Life inside you".
What do you really want in your life - regardless of what others think? Perhaps your parents strongly influenced you and wanted you to follow a certain career path. Maybe you sometimes find yourself comparing your life with the lives of others. But which life do you really want to lead?

If you are thinking: "I don't know what I really want" - you can rest assured. Because John is sure that you already have your greatest heart's desires inside you and only need to bring them to light. In this masterclass he will help you to do so!
"When you live your Big Five for Life, you are the most beautiful and authentic version of yourself."
What does your everyday life currently look like? Do you find it difficult to get up in the morning? After work, do you lack the energy for fun activities that you actually enjoy?

Then you're pretty sure you haven't found your Big Five for Life yet ...

Because when you find your Big Five and integrate them more and more into your life, you will notice an incredible change in yourself. As John would say
"There is an existence waiting for you that is so boundlessly spectacular that you won't remember what it was like before"
If this is true, the question naturally arises: Why hasn't everyone been living their Big Five for Life for a long time? What keeps us from doing so?

In fact, everyone carries an inner voice within them that expresses great doubts, such as:
"I'm not going to find my Big Five anyway."
"I'm not worthy of finding my Big Five for Life."
"What if my Big Five are too big to really realize?"
"It's selfish to find my Big Five - other people have it so bad in the world."
"Even if I find my Big Five, I don't think I can make it happen - that's why I don't even try."
Maybe you've listened more to that voice in your head in the past and buried your Big Five deep down as a result.

Often your inner voice is a helpful companion. Unknown challenges can always be dangerous - that's why it wants to "protect" you.

But in this case, she is wrong. These doubts only restrict you from living the life that makes you truly happy!

For each of these doubts, John has the perfect tip for you on how to soothe your voice to go for you and your dreams - without fear of the unknown.

In this masterclass you will learn to listen to your heart and intuition again.

Now is the time to find out what really fulfills you!
In this masterclass you will get:
5 concrete tips to live your Big Five for Life.
John shows you intensive exercises, Everyday tips and reflections, to find your Big Five for Life within yourself and attract them into your life.

5 effective guides to overcome the biggest barriers
You'll learn what challenges you may face on the path to your Big Five for Life - and how to successfully navigate them.

4 typical patterns and how to break them
We tend to fall into a certain pattern of behavior over and over again - but that keeps us from living our Big Five! Find out how you can avoid these typical patterns to live a truly fulfilling life.

Personal insights into John's life
John Strelecky not only tells you how he found his Big Five for Life, but also shares life-changing participant stories from his Big Five for Life workshops.

Free access
You can participate in this masterclass completely free of charge.
You're in the right place for this masterclass if you:
Discover your Big Five and live Sync and corrections by n17t01
find your way to fulfillment want - professional and personal
do not want to wait until retirement to to realize your dreams
Less stress want to feel in everyday life, because you focus on your Big Five
you want to allow yourself, your true, authentic self to show
want to find out, what really suits you and Fun
help other people want to find and live their Big Five for Life

John Strelecky guides you through this masterclass

Speaker, Coach & Bestselling Author 
"The Café at the Edge of the World" & "The Big Five for Life". 

At the age of 32, John Strelecky realized that his job as a successful strategy consultant no longer fulfilled him. He then decided to quit and spend a year traveling the world with his backpack. There he learned to listen to his inner voice and follow his intuition. After his return, he wrote his book in only 3 weeks: "The Café at the Edge of the World."

Within a year, the book had spread worldwide through the word of mouth of readers and made it onto the first place on the bestseller list. It was used in over 40 languages translated.

John has since written other books (including. "The Big Five for Life"), whose messages encourage millions of people to shape their lives according to their dreams - not only in their private lives, but also professionally.

He is looking forward to helping you find your personal Big Five for Life and integrate them into your life!
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