"Words that work: Winning people over rhetorically"

Expand your influence in business, on stage and in life through authentic persuasiveness.
Duration: 60 Minutes

Imagine you could turn any situation in your favor - without manipulation. Simply through the power of your words. In this masterclass, learn the 3 most important principles of successful communication and how they can help you on your way to your next speech, presentation or pitch.

In this masterclass you will learn:

what you need to do so that your words are not only heard, but understood and felt
how to create an atmosphere of trust and loyalty through clear communication
Why clarity is the key to outstanding leadership and success
how to become a role model of credibility and integrity
what it takes for you to become the leader that others like to follow

People hate confusion and love clarity. Are you communicating clearly enough?

With all the information, all the advertising and all the half-cooked messages around us, we need to communicate more clearly today than ever before. In other words, you need strong strategic communication or your message will be lost in today's world.

And what do you think of this clear message?

Frank Asmus helps the world's leading entrepreneurs, CEOs and managing directors - as well as Olympic champions and well-known top speakers - to do just that. He helps them to inspire employees and customers with clarity, emotion and credibility and to bind them to the company and its mission.

Now he shares his knowledge from over 30 years for the first time and exclusively in this 60-minute masterclass free of charge to you. He shares with you success stories and secrets of well-known companies that have never been made public before. Register now!

Step by step instructions
Valuable input
Scientifically proven
The right questions
Free access

About Frank Asmus

Frank Asmus is a director, coach, speaker and lecturer with a focus on successful communication.

The director and executive coach Frank Asmus is known for his speeches and presentations. As a "TOP 100 Speaker", Frank Asmus works for corporations such as Apple, but also other numerous DAX corporations and successful startups. As a communication expert, he also teaches at the Technical University of Berlin.

Frank Asmus shows you on Greator Business what is important in a targeted message for you - and how to place it so that you reach the people. Learn how to build a successful pitch and convince every audience of your business idea.

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