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We create insightful products. Intuitive design. And inspiring events. Our team of passionate product managers, product developers and designers compose meaningful, consistent experiences that are making a difference. Our mission is clear: we're building a multichannel platform, that supports the personal development of each and every user. With everything we do.

"I have been building digital products for more than 10 years before I joined Greator as Chief Product Officer. At Greator I found the unique combination of a strong purpose, a great culture and an ambitious team. Together our product managers, product owners, editors and user experience experts take responsibility for driving and implementing the product strategy. Our compass for building the future coaching platform for Greator is the deep understanding of our users' needs. Together with our colleagues from Tech and Design we use our agile mindset and methods to build products that our users love and that guide them to deep personal transformation."

Jens Echterling

chief product officer
"I am fascinated about human nature, our drivers and behaviors which is why I enjoy leading insights & user experience at Greator. Exploring and analyzing people, product journeys and connections internationally; digging deep to identify coherences and distinctions inspires me. It allows me to translate insights into solutions that result in outstanding product experiences. This is what I'm most passionate about for the past 10 years. I love to coach in user centered design, apply creative facilitation methods in workshops and exchange knowledge with our multidisciplinary teams. I truly believe technology, business and human insights need to be balanced to create holistic experiences for our Greator product future."

Nadine von Seelen

UX & Insight leads
"I've been with Greator for a few years now. Starting as a working student in 2015, I now develop and manage our Premium Products in Greator Speaking and the Business Factory with my team. With our programs I really want to bring people into action - real success stories of our customers make me happy at the end of the day. For me, Greator is a place where we as a team not only make people grow, but where I also can learn in new challenges and realize myself in projects every time. Although we are all different at Greator, we all share the passion for self development and for building something together. And one thing I definitely have to give them credit for: They all don't even complain about my loud laughter in the meeting room. So: Definitely an amazing team!"

Julia Müller

Head of product
"I'm responsible for the Greator Coaching product section at Greator. Our customers are always the focus of our attention. We develop digital products that support our customers on their journey of self-fulfilment. With our coaching products we do not stay on the surface, but go deep into the different topics of personality development. This includes the conception, creation, optimization and success control of each individual product. I'm mainly responsible for my terrific product team and the success control of our products. Before I started working for Greator in mid-2018, I spent many years working in the investment field. What I particularly like at Greator is the independent work and the great idea we all work on together. We want to support as many people as possible in their self-realization with the best speakers and coaches worldwide. Therefore, internationalization is simply the next logical step for us."

Kerstin Müller

Head of Product

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