Discover the magical power of the Rauhnächte

December 25, 2023 - January 06, 2024
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Leave the old behind and start the next year with new energy

Are you ready for a journey into the most mysterious and powerful time of the year? The Rauhnächte are a time of letting go, reflection and reorientation. From December 25 to January 6 we accompany you on this magical path. Experience how you can recharge your batteries through old customs and start a wonderful year.
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What are the Rauhnächte?

The Rauhnächte are a time full of magic and mystery, a threshold time between the years. During this time, the gates to the spiritual world are said to be open and the connection to the ancestors is stronger.

These days and nights, between Christmas and January 6, offer a unique opportunity for inner reflection. It is the time to let go of the old, focus on the new and create inner clarity. Each night symbolizes a month of the coming year, and ancient rituals and customs help you to recharge your batteries and set the course for a fulfilling and successful new year.

The Rauhnächte originate from ancient European customs, particularly from the Germanic and Celtic cultures. The name "Rauhnächte" is derived from the word "smoke", as incense was traditionally burned during this time. The purpose of these incenses was to drive away evil spirits and to ask for blessings for the New Year.

You can experience the Rauhnächte in the context of these ancient traditions, but even independently, this time is ideal for learning more about yourself and focusing your energy on the coming year

What you experience during the 12 rough nights

December 25, 2023 - January 06, 2024
You will receive a daily video with exciting exercises, specific instructions and meditations to guide you through the mysterious Rauhnächte. Christina and Walter's personal video always follows the respective Rauhnacht, which represents a month in the new year.

Rauhnacht 1: Start the magical journey to yourself

Night from Sunday, 24.12.2023 to Monday, 25.12.2023
- January
Ready for change? Use the power of self-reflection to reshape your future. Take time to look at the past year in all its facets - both the positive moments and the difficult times. The 13 wishes ceremony will help you to realign yourself. Start your year of renewal now!

Rauhnacht 2: Unleash your inner creative power

Night from Monday, 25.12.2023 to Tuesday, 26.12.2023
- february
Discover your goals and desires on the night of inner awakening. Explore what the new year has in store for you and how you can realize your dreams. Immerse yourself in the energy of February and connect with your creative power. It's time to visualize and create your future!

Rauhnacht 3: Open your heart to miracles

Night from Tuesday, 26.12.2023 to Wednesday, 27.12.2023
- March
This night invites you to open your heart. Who has accompanied and enriched you this year? Discover how you can redefine and strengthen love and friendship in your life in the heart opening meditation. Let yourself be surprised by the wonders that an open heart energy has in store for you.

Rauhnacht 4: Discover the power of letting go

Night from Wednesday, 27.12.2023 to Thursday, 28.12.2023
- April
Today you have the chance to free yourself from the old, because April stands for change. What do you want to leave behind once and for all? Whether it's arguments, bad habits or nightmares: experience a unique ritual that will help you transform the negative into the positive. Are you ready to pave the way for a new year?

Rauhnacht 5: Strengthen your relationship with yourself and others

Night from Thursday, 28.12.2023 to Friday, 29.12.2023
- May
You will learn how deep self-love and valuable friendships go hand in hand. Are you ready to strengthen your inner connection and thereby deepen your relationships with others? Let yourself be guided by the energy of May and find new paths to harmony and connection.

Rauhnacht 6: Trust the wisdom of your family

Night from Friday, 29.12.2023 to Saturday, 30.12.2023
- June
On this night, discover how you can say goodbye to the spirits of the past year with meditations and prepare yourself for a new beginning. Experience the power of family ties and be surprised by the deep insights and gifts this night has in store for you.

Rauhnacht 7: Master the transition into a fulfilled year

Night from Saturday, 30.12.2023 to Sunday, 31.12.2023
- July
Experience how you can realign your future during this special transition between the years. Are you ready to let go of old patterns and turn your dreams into reality? Let yourself be guided by the power of this turning point and prepare for the transition into a successful and powerful year.

Rauhnacht 8: Start the new year with joy

Night from Sunday, 31.12.2023 to Monday, 01.01.2024
- august
Today is the time to share happiness and awaken your inner child. Learn how to start the year with meaningful resolutions and ease. You'll discover ways to fill your energy with zest for life and renew your promises with deep conviction. A magical moment to start the year with positivity and momentum!

Rauhnacht 9: Discover what makes your soul shine

Night from Monday, 01.01.2024 to Tuesday, 02.01.2024
- September
You find out what really makes you happy and consciously connect with your heart. You will learn how to attract blessings and happiness into your life and find your inner center again.

Rauhnacht 10: Connect with the best version of yourself

Night from Tuesday, 02.01.2024 to Wednesday, 03.01.2024
- october
This night opens a gateway to infinite possibilities to strengthen your connection to your dreams. Let yourself be surprised by this exciting Rauhnacht and make a deep connection to the best version of yourself to gain inner peace, clarity and inspiration!

Rauhnacht 11: Find your purpose in life

Night from Wednesday, 03.01.2024 to Thursday, 04.01.2024
- november
How do you find your purpose in life and what do you want to achieve in this life? Let the transience of life inspire you to focus on the essentials and live fulfilling experiences!

Rauhnacht 12: Fulfill your wishes on this magical night!

Night from Thursday, 04.01.2024 to Friday, 05.01.2024
- December
On this Rauhnacht, you have the chance to make amends for things that didn't go so well on previous nights. At the same time, it is the night of wishes: review the Rauhnächte and go to sleep with the most beautiful vision of yourself, because it will come true!

Closing event of the Rauhnächte

Saturday, 06.01.2024 at 6:30 - 7:30 pm
online via Zoom
On the day of the Three Wise Men, the gateway to the Otherworld closes. In a joint closing event, you can reflect on the past twelve nights and share your experiences with the Rauhnächte community and Christina and Walter. You will learn how to recognize the quintessence of this time and incorporate it into the new year.

You should definitely take part in the Greator Rauhnächten if you:

want to realign yourself and seek clarity for the coming year
wish for peace and relaxation between the years
want to let go of the old and start the new year full of energy
want to realize your dreams in 2024
Want to be part of a motivating community
want to listen to your heart and intuition again
want to spend the holidays in harmony with your loved ones

These tools make the Greator Rough Nights come alive for you:

12 daily videos
Every day you will receive an inspiring video from Christina and Walter, with valuable content and concrete instructions.
12 exciting exercises
A workbook contains intensive exercises and questions to help you review the year and focus on your wishes for the coming year.
8 profound meditations
Connect with your heart, allow yourself to relax and take time for yourself through guided meditations. They can help you to put things into practice and initiate change not only on a rational but also on an emotional level.
Supporting community
Every day you will receive an inspiring video from Christina and Walter, with valuable content and concrete instructions.
Closing event with Christina and Walter
On the last day of the Greator Rough Nights, we invite you to join us for a free live Q&A session via Zoom with Christina and Walter and the entire community to reflect and celebrate the experiences of the Rough Nights.

Free access
Your access to the Greator Rauhnächten is free and available until January 07, 2024.

About Christina and Walter Hommelsheim

Christina and Walter Hommelsheim are successful coaches, trainers, speakers and bestselling authors. Motivated by their own stories and life crises, the two have undergone numerous training courses. Through their work, they help people to achieve rapid and lasting change and more ease, confidence and success in life.

As trainers of the Greator Life Coaches, they live and love their vocation of guiding people to develop their full potential - authentically, engagingly and at eye level. With their own holistic coaching method "The Lying Eight", they accompany others on the path to a self-determined, conscious and happy life.

The two of them will guide you through the mysterious Rauhnächte and support you every day with instructions, exercises and tips. They will show you how traditional customs can help you to grow beyond yourself and trust your intuition again.
Harness the power of the magical rough nights and start the next year with new energy!

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