"How to Become a Speaker"

... and develop a rousing keynote speech
Learn from speaking expert and Gedankentanken founder Dr. Stefan Frädrich how you too can make it to the big stage.

Duration: approx. 110 minutes

Are you ready to put your thoughts out into the world?

Do you wonder why you are not yet on the big stages of this world? Or why you just don't dare to open your mouth, even though you have something to say?

"Poets are born. Speakers are made." - Cicero

There's an answer to both questions: You just don't have the right tools to finally get started as a speaker. Because speaking is a craft that you can learn!

You want to find out what has been holding you back so far, so that you can stand on the really big stages and cast a spell over people?

Then read on now!

In our new, free masterclass "How to become a speaker". Dr. Stefan Frädrich personally addresses all the issues that have most certainly kept you from being a successful speaker until now. With over 20 years of experience in the speaking business, he knows the formula for success of really good speakers inside out - and now he wants to share it with you!
In this free masterclass you will learn:
how you can become a professional speaker
what topic you should talk about to engage your audience
how the right body language gives emphasis to your words
Which techniques successful speakers use for free speech
how you too can make it big in the speaking business
... and much more! 

Now, if you want to find out why our society needs many more good speakers and how you can become one of them, then sign up now for our free masterclass!

Your speaker:

Dr. Stefan Frädrich, Top speaker and founder of Gedankentanken

Since 2003, Dr. Stefan Frädrich has been working as a successful motivation expert, continuing education trainer, professional speaker and coach.

With passion and a deep psychological knowledge, he wants to help people speak up and talk about issues that move them.

As founder of Gedankentanken, his vision is to give the best speakers a stage to share positive thoughts with the world.

Through his many years of experience, he has also developed the speaker program THEKEY which trains people to become professional speakers and helps them get their story out into the world!
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