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The hurdles the self-employed fail at - and how you can overcome them

In this masterclass you will learn from Dr. Stefan Frädrich important strategies, tools and knowledge how to lead your own business to success - no matter if you are starting from scratch or already self-employed. Stefan knows what he is talking about: He has gone the whole way himself. From an idea, a hobby - to today's company Greator.

In this free masterclass you will learn from Dr. Stefan Frädrich

The 5 phases of success in self-employment
The principles for your business success
Overcoming the typical challenges of a self-employed person
What specific entrepreneurial steps you need to take to move from your level to the next one
Which useless activities you must avoid at all costs in order not to get bogged down
So be sure to check it out - it's as simple as it is ingenious. Just register now!
PS: If you don't have time for this important masterclass, you are missing the shortcut to professional success! Because the professional behavior patterns, traps and solutions described come from decades of experience - both our own and from countless coachings, trainings and consultations with executives, self-employed, entrepreneurs and those who want to become one. There's really no reason for you not to take the shortcut!

We wish you many aha-moments in the Masterclass! And from the bottom of our hearts: Good luck!

Dr. Stefan Frädrich

Founder and managing director of Greator GmbH (formerly GEDANKENtanken GmbH).

Stefan Frädrich, MD, is an entrepreneur, author and expert on self-motivation. He became known as a trainer, coach and consultant throughout the German-speaking world through his best-selling books such as "Günter, der innere Schweinehund" and "Die einfachste Diät der Welt", as well as through his extensive media presence with his own TV shows (Pro 7, SAT1, VOX, WDR, Focus Gesundheit).
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