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For so many years of my life I felt I was living "the life of others," doing what others thought was good for me. And so, after almost 25 years of marriage, I had reached a point where I no longer felt myself, where all my dreams and visions had disappeared into the mist and I no longer knew who I was at all. It was only when life totally collapsed on me that I started to find my way to myself and soon rediscovered this passion in me to accompany people. In 2017 I completed my training as a Transformational Therapist according to Robert Betz and today I am so grateful to have met Christina and Walter, whose seminars and trainings I have been accompanying as a Master Inspiration Coach and Greator Headcoach with great joy and enthusiasm ever since, and I am allowed to pass on all that has made me become the woman I am today. I would be happy to take you on the gentle, feminine path that is so powerful. ♥

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