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Do you feel obligated to exceed and perfectionistically fulfill all expectations placed on you - by family with special challenges, by superiors and colleagues, by friends and acquaintances? In fact, you feel constantly overwhelmed and do not dare to say no? Do you put your needs and desires at the back of your mind and step on the gas even more because you think it has to be that way? And when things don't go as planned, do you feel guilty? You develop strategies that put you into a kind of survival mode. In the process, you lose contact with yourself and no longer feel comfortable with yourself and your body? You are lacking energy, lightness, joy and verve? You feel a great burden on you, you only function and feel trapped? Your self-esteem and self-confidence are getting smaller and smaller? It does not have to stay like this. From the bottom of my heart I support you in accepting all your feelings.

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