"The Art of Knowing People"

Duration: 75 Minutes

In this masterclass, you will learn in just 75 minutes how to use the DISG personality model to successfully lead people, hire employees, develop teams, lead seminars and sell products.

Why your message often doesn't get through ...

You know the feeling? You're sitting in an important meeting, a sales call, or a private conversation and you feel like you're talking to a wall.

Improve your people skills - and automatically increase your success and deepen your relationships!

Whether as a coach, manager, in sales, in job interviews or in negotiations: In the end, it's always about people.

Every day we have to assess other people, recognize their intentions as well as needs and convince them.

With the ability to read people in fractions of a second and accurately discern their motives, you will significantly increase your success and the quality of your relationships and understand some behavior that was previously incomprehensible to you.

But what does that mean for you now? 

To use the art of people skills professionally, all you need to do is to 3 Steps master

  1. Recognize personality type
  2. Understanding motivators and needs
  3. Communicate correctly

In this masterclass, you'll get everything you need to do that. Namely:

An immediately applicable tool to assess people directly!

We promise you that with this tool you will be able to do it in no time:

  • Coachings, Seminars, Lectures and Meetings more efficient
  • every People within minutes to understand and on him enter
  • Teams more efficient and harmonious actionable
  • your Communication Skills to increase
  • Conflicts in everyday life or in the office at an early stage recognize and to solve
  • your personal Persuasion Increase
  • an deep Understanding for you self and other to develop
  • better decisions in your life
Step by step instructions
Valuable input
Scientifically proven
The right questions
Free access

You're in the right place for this masterclass if you:

you work in a profession where people skills are essential - such as:
Coaches, trainers and consultants
Self-employed and entrepreneurs
Sales and negotiation experts (purchasing/sales)
Recruiters and HR experts

About Dr. Stefan  Milling

Expert for motivation & positioning, physician and founder of Greator

Dr. Stefan Frädrich is a physician, bestselling author and founder of Greator. He looks back on more than twenty years of coaching experience and speaks as a speaker on numerous stages in Germany.

His core message "Change is possible" is reflected in all his projects. His seminar "Non-smoker in 5 hours" as well as the book series "Günter, the inner pig" are also internationally known. 

He hosted his own health programs at WDR and Pro7 before founding GEDANKENtanken (now Greator) in 2012.

As a trainer and expert at the Greator Business Coach he now helps numerous people to find their inner direction professionally and personally.

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